10 Best Alternative To skype For International Calls

The world has become a global village because of the internet. Out of the numerous advantages that internet has provided mankind, Voip( Voice over internet Protocol)  and the video calling facilities and probably the greatest blessing. Today, we can easily connect with someone in some other country just buy the click of the mouse. Leave alone telephonic conversations over the internet, we can even see the person on the other side on our monitor screen. Not just for personal use, video calling has commercial uses as well. Today video conferences can be held over the internet using applications like the Skype. This saves the corporate a lot of money as officials need not be physically present to attend a meeting. Video calling has given the marketing sector a whole new perspective.

Whenever we think of video calls, the first name that comes to our mind is Skype. Skype is probably the most popular video calling application. Skype is a well developed and well maintained by Microsoft. One can use Skype to call VOIP and mobile phones as well. For domestic use, users can simply use the free version. However, companies can opt for the paid version of 2 dollars per month. The paid version offers added features like superior security, buys with quality third-party applications and integration with MS office apps. However, those who are into frequent video calling can have the urge to try out some other alternatives. It is true that there are apps like Skype that could give a similar experience. Therefore, today we are going to list the  10 best alternaives of Skype.

What are alternatives to Skype?

Google Hangouts

On the list of 10 best Skype alternatives, we would undoubtedly list Google Hangouts on the top. Google Hangouts comes as part of Gmail and Google+ and can be easily used for text chats, voice calls and video chats. It offers one to one personal space as well as group chats. Google Hangouts is available for both iOS and Android. Google has always been commendable with data security. Google Hangouts upholds the quality by taking good care of your data. Hangouts has also been able to bring all the platforms with commercial outlook under one roof.


Next on our list of best Skype alternatives, we have none other than the people’s favourite- Whatsapp. Whatsapp is a widely recognized that is used for messaging. Not only text messages but also pictures and videos can be shared via whatsapp. Now whatsapp also allows superior quality video and voice calling facilities. Whatsapp calls are of optimum quality and whatsapp being easily compatible on all mobile platforms is loved by all users. Whatsapp has gone a step further in terms of security by providing end to end encryption. This platform has taking messaging to a whole new level as well by introducing stickers in their chat platform. The recent development of introducing group chat in whatsapp was a ground breaking step by the developers.


Next on our list of best Skype alternatives comes Viber. Viber is basically a mobile application that allows you to chat, voice call and video call. Connecting your device to the WiFi or enable your packet data will allow you to connect with your friends at ease. The best thing about VoiP is, you can make international calls at the rate of your data provider.

Viber has some remarkale freatures:

  1. Viber games
  2. Public messages
  3. News feed
  4. Group chat
  5. HD video calls


Following Viber on our list of best Skype alternatives we have Slack. Slack like other video calling apps allows you to communicate with users in real time environment. Slack is special because of its search option and its ability to collect external services for the benefit of the user. On slack we can easily search files and documents that we want to share and share them easily. There are advances filter and sorting options as well that allows users to search easily and effectively. A remarkable feature of slack is the read sync, i.e., one you have read a message on your mobile phone, it will automatically get updated on your computer or tablet.


At the fifth place on our list of best Skype alternatives we have RingCentral. RingCentral’s outlook is very different from the rest of the video calling apps. It is practically a cloud phone platform that can be used for commercial purposes for telephonic conversations, video conferences, etc.  As the application is cloud based, corporate need not have a extravagant setup to enable communications.


Next on our list of best skype alternatives is Jabber. Introduced as an XMPP (extensible messaging and presence protocol), Jabber is a very interesting messaging app that allows video calling. Functioning as a XML open source system with an email like interface implying the use of ‘@’, this platform has the capability of collecting email address from all platforms and throwing light on their source. Though Jabber started as a free service, its acceptance and demand in the market has allowed its developer to work on it and release paid versions for commercial use.


Following Jabber on the list of best Skype alternatives is ClickDesk. This is not a one to one communication. This app is basically uses by Commercial agencies to handle queries and promote their business. Whenever customers or interested people drop queries in your webpage, you can use the live chat feature. The special video calling feature allows agencies to engage customers personally and give them an one to one service.

Shoretel Sky

This application is a collection of cloud based VoiP  that helps you make voice calls or video calls and as a result, this application is tailor made for companies that are looking for cost effective customer handling. As it is cloud hosted, everything is taken care of and you do not need to waste a lot of money on the setup. ShoreTel can be used to ensure smooth video conferences and let everyone participate in the discussions. Moreover, this application has the goodwill of adapting to numerous software systems.

8×8 VoIP Phone Service

With excellent features like:

  1. Smartphone integration
  2. Internet faxing
  3. Web conferencing
  4. Call management

8×8 VoIP Phone service is next on our list of best Skype alternatives. This app is used in a number of Public and Private sectors that have branches in various countries. This app can be run from your smart phone or your laptop and does not require very heavy setup. With worth mentioning features like:

  1. Directory assistance
  2. Ring groups
  3. Hosted PBX
  4. Extension dialling
  5. Call forwarding
  6. Recording

Excellent tech support and crisis control of the developers have made this app approachable to the users.


A web based chat platform is next on our list of best skype alternatives. Talky is exceptionally easy o use and it is enjoyable. One can simply visit the website, put in his or her preferred  url and start chatting. There are public as well as private chat rooms. To keep chat rooms private there is an option for password protection as well. It is true that talky does not provide a lot of features, however he simplicity and the effectiveness of the app is sure to win many hearts.

With this we come to the end of our list of best Skype alternatives. This list is the ultimate guide to best Skype alternatives. With the rapid changing technology, it would not be long before we find some ground breaking introduction of video calling app. It is fair enough to say that there are many other video calling apps that are tough contenders in the region of video calling.

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