15 Best Offline Android Games To Play Without Internet

Not all of this planet comes under the network connectivity and many places of this planet are still deprived of internet service. It had happened to me a number of times where I had gone trekking in some lonely valley, leave alone the internet, there was no calling facility available. Besides enjoying the vast expanse of nature, a bit of leisure to relieve your fatigue sometimes becomes really necessary. Therefore, your mind sometimes wants a gaming period to drop the stress of the day. Here we present to you the list of top 15 Best Android Offline Games that you can play without the internet.

In 2014, Google Play games introduced the ‘Offline Games” section to bring together games that do not require the internet. After the introduction of this particular section, the games that do not require the internet have reached a whole new level in the field of Android gaming. In our list of top 20 Android games that can be played without the internet, we have tried to collect the games that unlike other normal monotonous offline games does not seem boring after a few levels of gameplay.

Icey [Paid]

ICEY download

Icey may seem like a general hack and slasher game but it is a fun play once you start enjoying it. A cyborg samurai slashes robot enemies in the typical samurai way, spinning and dashing through them. As you run and destroy your enemies through the various levels, you will enjoy a lot of cool destructions as your friend the narrator will guide you towards your aim.

Icey may not seem very decorated, however, it is not just a one-dimensional game as it seems to the naked eye. Once you start playing you will discover a whole new dimension where you can walk away from the path defined by the narrator and find out the world yourself.

   Download ICEY

Crashlands [Paid]

A very well designed game that puts your hero on a diabolic planet with the aim of building a base, defeating the enemies and eventually escaping back to space. The gameplay is simple and enjoyable and a resourceful inventory allows to build your base quickly and in a fun way. The story is comic with a great sense of humour and you also have the level editor to make the changes you want once you have completed the game.

   Download Crashlands

Thimbleweed Park [Paid]

This game is the perfect blend of history and modernization. It can get the blend of old-school adventure with a lot of modern features. In this game, two FBI agent work together to solve a crime. Though the agents lack faith in one another, soon they realize that they have to work together to get things done. They also meet a couple of locals who do not belong to their group by any chance and together they have a weird adventure of solving the crime.

   Download Thimbleweed Park

Reigns: Her Majesty

This game is actually a choice making game where your fate is decides by the tinder style swipe of cards. Here you are the queen and you get to protect your kingdom by selecting cards that could balance your money, people and the church. You can also control your own desires using the choice of cards.

This game must be played in short session as it secures the life of a queen by taking you through the different aspects of a royal life. These aspects make the game interesting and what makes it more fun is the funny but humorous way the game shows death.

   Download Resigns: Her Majesty

Xcom: enemy within

This game is a tactical strategy game and is graphically very well developed. In this gave you are given the task of killing down a bunch of hostile alien monsters. Though there is a multiplayer version of this game, the offline version is interesting enough to keep you interested and occupied throughout the gameplay.

   Download XCOM®: Enemy Within

Asphalt 8: Airborne [Free]

Once I say about the games of the Asphalt series, you already know what I am talking about. This is an excellent racing game with commendable graphics and excellent controls that will surely give you the best gameplay possible. With the passage of time, the asphalt gaming series has become better and better.

Download Asphalt 8: Airborne

Fruit Ninja [Free]

This game is really famous in the Android gaming community. This game started as a mere time pass but soon began to be seriously taken my android gamers. In this game you have to slice through the fruits tossed at you and save yourself from the bombs. With delicious sounds and attractive combo, this game will surely give you the satisfaction of destruction. The game took things to a serious level when a worldwide fruit ninja championship was held with top gaming companies as sponsors. With more than 500 million fans throughout the world, fruit ninja is a must try for all android gamers.

   Download Fruit Ninja

Temple Run [Free]

This game is simple and comes in many versions namely the temple run 1, temple run 2 and the temple run Oz. With the options of sliding underneath branches and jumping over molten lava, to escape the monster and collect diamonds, this game is sure to keep you addicted. In this game you also collect powerups on the way that gives you advantage in the gameplay. Over all, this game is the blend of finger swiping controllability as well as the gravity sensing controllablility of the gamer.

   Download Temple Run

Dream League Soccer [Free]

Probably this game should have appeared much ahead on our list. However, we have not ranked it further up because of its monotonous match winning strategy and it’s not so smooth controls. The dream league soccer is by far the best football game produced in the market of Android games. However, gamers have been heard telling that once you know the strategy, you can win every match and that strategy is to buy the fastest player in the market. Moreover the game only allows you three training sessions in a day, sometimes it becomes a really tiresome work to upgrade your players. However, it has been noticed that the game provides regular updates and keep the players upgraded with the current real-life football scenario.

   Download Dream League Soccer

Alto’s adventure [Free]

This game is sweet and interesting. This game appears so down below in our list because of its not so genuine gamplay. This game has a sweet sound track and mainly relys on the fact of taking Alto to his destination. Overall this game is a good time pass, not meant for serious gamers.

   Download Alto’s adventure

BMX boy [Free]

This game is on the move right from the time it was launched. With its counterpart called the skater boy, this game has won the hearts of many android gamers. This game involves a cyclist in various environment, who has to jump or dodge obstacle to reach the final level. The gameplay is good and smooth. Even though a two dimensional game, this game has what it takes to keep you engaged.

   Download BMX boy

Cut the rope

This game is for those who are great with anticipation and physics. Using the concept of gravity, you are supposed to feed Om-nom by cutting the ropes with which his food is secured. With many interesting levels, this game can be interesting and difficult at the same time. The sequence in which you cut the ropes by swiping your fingers across them and your timing tells a lot about your chance of winning the game.

Download Cut the rope

Limbo [Free]

This game is an adventure game where you are stuck in a deserted place and you will have to find your way out of it. This game takes up a lot of time and is very interesting. Use hints when you are stuck for a long time else you may start losing interest in the game.Both free and paid versions of this game is available on playstore.

Download LIMBO demo

FastLane [Free]

This game is a simply dodge the obstacle game. This game should be mentioned because of its great soundtracks and the awesome feeling you get while you plug your earphone and play the game. The main objective of the game is to move up a level and defeat the rulers of the particular streets.

   Download Fastlane

Badland [Free]

This game is cool and innovative. You have to take an organism through a different environment and give it freedom. The environment contains surprises and shocks and it is a really addictive game to play.

   Download Badland

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