10 Best Racing Games For Android

In the gaming world, racing games are a heartthrob. With its introduction during the very initial stages of game development, racing games have come a long way to become what it has become today. In the smartphone world, racing games were the first to adapt itself to the lack of buttons. Using the peripherals of the smartphone, racing games have evolved to give users a superior gaming experience.  Vibration with every rough patch on the road and blurred vision with every nitro boost, racing games will be a forever favorite for smartphone gamers.Let’s take a look at best racing games for android.

Real Racing 3

Developed by EA games, Real racing is the third sequel to this already extremely popular racing game. With one of the best simulation present in the market, this Android game is a real heart winner. The graphics is commendable and detailed, giving gamers a very realistic experience of gameplay.

In the previous versions of the game, there was a single time purchase system. However, in the latest released third sequel of the game there is a condition that allows you to upgrade or buy new cars only after a certain interval of time. The worst part is, the game takes up real world time for maintainence and modification, thus restricting your game play time but allowing you to take much needed breaks from the game.

Real Racing 3

Asphalt 9: Legends

Gameloft is always a name that stands out when it comes to Android gaming. In the Asphalt sequel, Legends is the last released game. With mind blowing graphics, excellent physics and out of the world gameplay, Asphalt 9 Legends will surely win the hearts and minds of the gamers. There are regularly updated events, weekly and monthly events and a lot of action packed in this game. With a variety of upgrades and vehicles to reveal, Asphalt 9 is presently an online game. However, with increasing popularity, this game will soon be a must play for all racing games lovers.

Asphalt Xtreme

May sound like one of the sequels of Asphalt by gameloft, however there is alot of difference in this game. This game is very different from the other games included in the asphalt series as this game provides off road experience with a number of cars on a number of tracks. It is very likely that gameloft will add some more upgrades and features and keep this game lofted.

Drag racing

As the name says, this game is all about drag racing. May not be the game with the best graphics in the field out there, this game gives you the complete independence of upgrading and tuning your car just like the way you want it to. Tuning is the key is the mantra this game follows and you are going to have a true car mechanic feeling when you are into this game. This game has a multiplayer mode with a lot of cars which you can buy. Regular updates is another good thing of this game.

Dirt Trackin

This game is not free but this game has the power to make you buy it. Away from the futuristic times added into games, this game will take you some centuries back when dirt racing had some real dirt in them. With its inspiration from the games of yester years, this game with catch your attention easily. Numerous cars and 10 tracks to choose from, this game allows you to have our controls on screen. Quite amazingly, you can customize this game to have a race of 100 laps as well if you are up for some real long drive experience.

CSR Racing 2

This series of racing games gets the market as soon as it hits it. Primarily a drag racing game, this game will give a boost to your adrenaline. Here you can race against hundreds of opponents in the multiplayer mode our  you can race on a number of racing circuits in the campaign mode. With pretty good graphics and undeniable gameplay, this game is sure to become a gamers favorite in no time. This is freemium game and it is worth trying out.

Hill Climb Racing 2

Yes, you are probably thinking that Hill Climb racing is odd in the list of 3D emulated racing games with high end graphics. However, let me tell you that hill climb racing 2 has one of the largest number of downloads in the world. The low system requirements make this game compatible to most devices, thus making this game a good time pass. Do not underestimate the game because it is 2 D. This game gives you the chance to tune your vehicle to make it adapt to different situations. There are a number of cars to choose from. The out of the box ideas of racing in other planet makes this game a special attraction for gamers who are always searching for innovation. The controls are practically an accelerator and a brake on the screen with which you have to save the car for overturning and snapping the driver’s head. With the idea of collecting fuels on the way, this game is the best time pass in the sphere of racing games.

Horizon Chase – World Tour

This game is special for its android tv support and the NVIDIA shield tv support. Almost all gaming controllers are compatible with this game, thus giving you a brand new experience altogether. There are variety of tracks and numerous cars to unlock. Regular event and updates from the developers has kept the game on the money. Horizon Chase was probably one of the best games if we look back a couple of years. The resonating leader board and the opportunity of  multiplayer see off is another reason why this game is so acceptable.

Real Drift Car Racing

This game primarily emphasizes on drift racing. Sharp turns to make your car drift without touching the walls are your aim in this game. With increasing difficulty with every level, this game provides a variety of tracks and a number of cars to choose from and unlock. The graphics is decent and game is enjoyable. Comes in a paid as well as a free version, this game is worth trying.

Riptide GP Renegade

This is a racing game but here you race on a jet ski. This wave runner game takes you on a mission to win races by competing against your opponent. There are slopes on which you could do stunts with finger gestures and earn XP that will up your level. There are a variety of tracks and dozens of jet ski to choose from. The graphics is mind blowing as you can precisely feel water splashing onto your smart phone screen. The multiplayer mode allows you to race against opponents online. This is however an offline game and is one of the best production of the vector production. You can also customize the racer by changing the gender or choosing the design on the racing suit.

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