12 Best Android PDF Reader Apps In 2018

What does PDF stand for? PDF is an abbreviation we all might have heard before in our lives. It is a type of file that allows us to conveniently handle documents. It is a very popular type of format which works good on most devices, including Android smartphones. PDF stands for ‘Portable Document Format’. Many books … Read more

Top 10 Alternatives To Google Drive

1) OneDrive One Drive, a product by Microsoft has not limited themselves to their own clients in particular but have also opened the market for Android and iOS users. One of the best-known alternatives to Google Drive. One Drive and it is A) Similar in functionality B) Has cross-platform app support C) The sync is fast … Read more

Top 10 Android Browsers for best Internet speed, security and browsing

A good internet browser makes a lot of difference Internet browsing is a big part of everyone’s life these days. You probably spend a major duration of your day surfing the web. Choosing a good browser for yourself is equally as important as surfing the internet. Since there are a lot of browsers out there … Read more