Top 10 games like PUBG (Player Unknown’s Battleground)

With the growing popularity of ‘Battle Royale mode’ games, many alternatives of the well-known game called PUBG has come in the market. Player Unknown’s Battleground was initially released in Mandarin in China. Though the game faced initial inhibition in its growing popularity because of its incapable servers and inefficient debugging, the authority took quick actions to get rid of the problems. By 2017, the game had been released in several languages with its servers present all around the world.

The Battle Royale mode is an exploration, collection and utilization survival game that saw its pillars in the ARMA and Minecraft, where the first mod versions were created of similar type getting its inspiration from the Hunger Games Movie. It can be easily said that PUBG has become a religion for a part of the gaming world. However, PUBG has tough competitors too. It has been heard that Fortnite Battle Royale and PUBG will meet in the court of Korea to decide on the issue of plagiarism.

It was said that Fortnite had lost a considerable number of excellent players when it had closed down for a maintenance break and people tried alternatives of Fortnite and became fans of some other games. Today we are going to list the top 10 games like PUBG. We are sure that this list may be useful to every PUBG player.

Rules of Survival

The desktop version of the game is already quite popular, Rules of Survival comes first in our list of best PUBGalternatives. This game is very similar to PUBG but has got a leading edge in quite some segments. The characters can be pre-customized before you enter the battle zone. The game starts with 120 players flowing a lengthy tutorial process (which can be skipped). The playable area is large, reaching different locations on the map may require the efficient use of vehicles as running mayfall short owing to the size of the map. Like PUBG solo, duo and squad modescan be played. Weapons can be found easily if the gamer follows the map as miracle boxes are marked in them.

Garena Free Fire – Winterlands

This game follows the footsteps of PUBG. Any update PUBG makes, a similar reflection is always found in Free Fire. This game is played with 50 players in a 10-minute battle. Unlike many other BattleRoyale type games, to meet the minimum number of players to start the match, they use bots. However, owing to its fewer player requirements to start a match, free fire is free of bots. With modes like Rush hour and Death race, Free Fire has managed to keep up the thrill of the game. In Death Race, you are deployed in a two seat vehicle where one is for the driver and the other for theshooter. You have to destroy all other vehicles by collecting power-ups and ammo to turn your enemies to ashes. Moreover, with two game modes calledBermuda and Purgatory, both based on the sand box concept, free fire is anexcellent alternative of PUBG.

Pixel’s Unknown Battleground

This will be a different experience altogether. With the Minecraft type graphics, this game is a pixel version ofPUBG. With various modes like Single, team, and Zombie and an excellent explanation of how I reached the battleground in the first place, this game is sure to win your heart. When the play button is tapped, a bus arrives with the villain scientist who stabs and takes you to the waiting ground. From the waiting ground, you take off in a helicopter to be deployed in the battleground. With interesting gameplay of omnipresent movement control, this game will surely give you an interesting experience altogether. However, after an hour of gameplay, there will be video ads which cannot be skipped.

Battle Royal Strike Survival

This game was probably not directly inspired by PUBG. Rather it was probably inspired by Counterstrike. To be very honest, counter strike is somewhat like PUBG with a difference only in the scavenging part of the game and there is no shrinkage of the play area. The game uses less space and has an easy gameplay. This game is played in two teams where the winning teams gets a plus one point on winning. The game length andlocation can be set by the lobby manager. To summarize, this is a fun game toplay if limited resources are available.

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Survival Royale

This game is similar to PUBG and is developed by the developers of Rules of Survival. Owing to the common brain-game, this game hardly has any difference with Rules of Survival. Ofcourse, it is worth mentioning that an interesting game mode called fireworknight in this game lets you play with firework weapons only. Here the play zoneshrinks like PUBG and it is called the SAFE circle. Not reaching safe circlewill cost health and may eventually lead to death.

Vast Survival

Like PUBG, this game is all about survival. This sandbox type open world game is interesting and innovative. Kudos to its developers, this game is constantly being fueled with updates and features with the glitches being constantly removed to enable smooth gameplay. This gameplay throws you in beautiful landscapes where you fight for your survival. Playing the game will reveal that special care has been taken to build the environment as the vegetation and terrain will look realistic. Also, it is important to notice that this game is cross-platform, i.e. it can be played with other players from other platforms as well.

DayZ: Battle Royale

The coining of the PUBG idea was probably coined with the DayZ mod of Arma 2. It should be noted that the PUBG wasdeveloped by the same developers who had developed DayZ. In this game, playersare pitted in a remote island filled with Zombies. One can try to survive thezombie apocalypse by taking the help of other players or might go head on andkill anyone that comes in the way. Either way one will soon learn that no oneon the island can be trusted and thus comes the concept of PUBG.


King of Kill, though is a 3rdperson survival shooter game, the battle royale mode of the game offers similar experience of that of PUBG. Interestingly in H1z1, the typical producing feature of making various items including healing and essential tools is retained, giving the game a new sphere.

RUST: Battle Royale

With the primitive concept of survival in the pre-historic age, this game starts with a naked player equipped with the only a rock. One has to roam the island and scavenge for the items of requirement like clothes, food, and weapons. This game gives you the option of forming a team for survival, however, it still sticks to the concept of the last man standing. Therefore, it is always advisable not o trust anyone when it comes to survival a lonely land. This game has a couple of servers running and it broadcasts the unofficial Battle Royale mode. You will need to pay monthly subscription fee.

Islands of Nyne: Battle Royale

This game is in the alpha stage and has a lot of space of development and has the capability of adding an edge over PUBG and other similar games. This game imbibes its direct inspiration from the Hunger Games and the Battle Royale movie. With many features that are far from real world like defying gravity, this game has lots of potential to win the hearts of the gamers of todays’ world. This game also has a well-developed leaderboard which makes the game more competitive and keeps the gamer engrossed.

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