12 Best Android PDF Reader Apps In 2018

What does PDF stand for?

PDF is an abbreviation we all might have heard before in our lives. It is a type of file that allows us to conveniently handle documents. It is a very popular type of format which works good on most devices, including Android smartphones. PDF stands for ‘Portable Document Format’.

Many books now a days are available in the PDF format as well. It is a really important extension for office goers, students, lawyers and many other classes of people who have to often work with documents. Therefore, it is important that we have the software that allows us to handle these files in the best way.

There is no ‘perfect’ PDF reader out there. So, we have to decide which suits us the most. They all come with different features and differ in some ways. Here’s a list of the 12 best PDF reader apps for Android along with their respective features to help you decide the best one for you.

Foxit PDF reader & Converter

This is a very feature-rich app. With this PDF reader, you can secure your PDF files by password protecting them. Also, you can fill PDF forms, sign PDF documents, convert other file types like word, text and images into PDF format and do many more advanced things. It is also fast, light-weight and reliable.

 Moon+ Reader

This app has a very innovative design and is another feature rich PDF reader. With this you have the ability to change the visuals of your document, highlight text, apply blue light filter, view in night mode, change theme, view files in dual page mode and customize things. It also has a bookshelf like design which gives a good feel.

Adobe Acrobat Reader

This is a very popular PDF reader app. It is available in many languages. With this, you can convert PDFs, zoom in, zoom out, open files quickly, create PDF files and print, share and store them as well. With this app you can annotate the text in your file and also e-sign the documents.

Xodo PDF Reader & Editor

This is simply one of the most likable PDF readers because of its simplicity in design and a good user interface. You get to view and navigate through your files very fast and smoothly. Using it, you can add arrows, circles, lines and other things to your files. It has currently a rating of 4.7 stars on Google play which is really impressive.

CamScanner – Phone PDF Creator

This app currently has more than a 100 million downloads on Google Play and is a great app for people who like to create PDF documents. It can perform many tasks such as digitize documents quickly through your camera, edit documents, optimize the quality of scan and even extract text from an image.

EBookDroid – PDF & DJVU Reader

Many of us might have come across the DJVU format of files. Sometimes, when we’re trying to find a book online it is available in the DJVU format. If you’re one of the people who have DJVU type documents then this reader can be really helpful for you. Its features include text selection, external dictionary support, highlight text easily and opening DjVU files.

7. Google PDF Viewer

This is a great PDF viewer with minimalist design. It is a good choice if you want to simply view your PDFs but if you want a lot of features then you might want to consider other options. This app is mainly for people who like simple and minimalist apps.

ezPDF Reader

This app is packed with features. It has a lot of cool features like thumbnail-scrolling through the pages, jumping to a specific page number, crop pages, rotate pages, changing the size and color of font, viewing in night mode, add sticky notes, underline text, highlight text, playing multimedia files, auto-scrolling and using hyperlinks.

 Librera – Book reader of all formats and PDF

In this app you can create your own libraries and open a lot of file formats like DJVU, MOBI, EPUB, EPIB3 etc. The app is currently only 14mb in size but is fully packed with features. It gives us the ability to change the theme color, view in night mode, adjust letter size, lock movements, adjust brightness, create comments and many more things.

WPS Office + PDF

This is an office-suite app for your Android phone. It has a unique UI and powerful tools. You can view your documents in different view types in your phone. This app can help you convert documents, connect to Cloud Drive, encrypt your documents, view in a multi windowed mode and finish many different tasks.

PDF Reader Classic

This is a great app as it supports a lot of file formats. It is another feature rich app which includes features like auto-scroll a document, read a book from archive, music mode, preview pages, using dictionary, text to speech options and many more.

The web browser of your choice

Web browsers are pretty neat when it comes to opening PDF documents. Even though they include only basic functionalities, they often come in handy and prove to be very useful for viewing, zooming or printing PDF documents. In fact they are fast too. Many people prefer the Google Chrome web browser for viewing their PDF files. It is a great browser and simplistic as well.

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