Top 9 Accessories To Buy For Your Laptop

Laptop accessories is a class of devices that can better your experience with computers by a huge margin. These are little yet so effective things that you might not have thought of having before I told you there benefits. Bringing to you, top 9 Accessories To Buy For Your Laptop. Let’s begin!

Cooling pad/table

This accessory is one of the best things you can get for both, your pc and your neck. A portable cooling table is a little table which you can use in a bed or floor. First of all, this corrects the posture of your body and brings your neck in the right position. This is very critical if you are someone using your laptop for long hours. Secondly, the table can have one or two or even more cooling fans for your laptop. This keeps your pc cool and performance on point. Thank me later for this one.

   Buy Cooling Table


You would know the importance of a mouse if you have used a desktop ever in your life. The little trackpad on the laptop can be so congested sometimes. This is a no brainer for anyone who has editing work to do, or maybe Emails to surf. Nowadays many cheap options are available but investing in a good mouse will definitely be worth it.

If you want to keep your setup hassle free of wires, then you can definitely go for a Bluetooth mouse. Logitech offers a great wireless range of mice.

   Buy Mice

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Cleaning slime

Alright, so I am not sure if you have ever heard of this before but you have to have this in your arsenal. Laptops and computers are something that we don’t change so often. And over time, it is definite that some amount of dust will get collected in difficult parts of the keyboard. This is the perfect tool you need to clean that up. It’s cheap, it’s practical and it’s definitely useful.

   Buy Cleaning Slime

Microfiber cloth

There is a wide variety of tools you listen about for cleanliness of the keyboard and inside of your pc. But this is a piece of tech that will not only help you clean your laptop screen but also other devices.

This piece of cloth is made up of super finer bristles of cloth and did the cleaning job very well. Spray some cleaning liquid on that screen and wipe it out from this cloth. It definitely betters the viewing experience.

  Microfiber Cloth

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Keyboard cover

If you are someone who is afraid that some dust particles or maybe food will clog your keyboard and destroy it someday, then this is the perfect thing for you. This is a silicon cover for your keyboard. There can be custom fitted keyboard protectors for your laptop or general ones. Whatsoever, this is something I would recommend if you know you will have to use your device for a while.

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Laptop sleeve

Using a laptop sleeve is a must for carrying your laptop around. Even if your laptop is a metal build, a carrying sleeve ensures the safety of your computer. It provides padding and in some cases can save your pc getting destroyed from drops.

More often than not, there are a number of things floating inside your bag. You never know what might scratch your workstation (laptop). That is not it, particles can even clog your ports and leave them completely useless if not taken care of properly. To find one that fits your need, click here.

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External Bluetooth speaker

Even though a number of Laptops are coming out with great, big, top facing speakers, most of them are not at par. If you think that a pair of desktop speakers cost too much, you should check out a portable Bluetooth speaker. It provides a better sound profile right out of the box and can be used in conjunction with other Bluetooth devices too. The best of all, you can carry your music wherever you want.

   Buy Bluetooth Speakers

USB 3.0 hub

This is that piece of accessory that can fall in handy at any time of your life. There are too many devices to connect or too many drives to share the data with? Plug-in a USB 3.0 hub and extend your single USB port into many. Other cheaper versions of USB hubs are also available, but mind you those are the USB 2.0 versions and may not perform as good as USB 3.0 hubs.

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External hard disk

Carrying an external hard disk would lighten the burden so much from your pc. It will thank you when you empty the disks on pc and let the computer do its work with more efficiency and speed. The more you stuff your data on your drives, you yourself will notice your pc slowing down marginally. There is one simple solution- Get an external hard disk and dump all the stuff from your pc to the hard disk. You can keep this hard disk at home or carry with you if needed.

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