Alldocube Kbook 13.5 inch 3K IPS Display Laptop with 512GB SSD

Today we are going to present to you the much-awaited review of Alldocube Kbook which took a little more time than expected to hit the market. Alldocube Kbook is simply an alternative of the Thinker i35 and was supposed to rock the market with significant improvements. With the whole idea to counter the extreme shortage of Intel Processors in the market, Alldocube Kbook was expected to be a strong competitor in the market.

However, market scenarios and the continuous trade war of China with the US have left the electronics market in a bit of a mess. To add to the already existing problems, the COVID- 19 situations has restricted imports and export on a large scale.

Alldocube Kbook, on initial inspection, might be passed on as a flop. However, we delved into the depths of the Laptop to bring to you the most holistic review which might change the way you perceived the product at first sight. Let us go through the anatomy of Alldocube Kbook one by one and let us see if our observation can change your notion.


If you are expecting a new- build, then you might be disappointed. Alldocube Kbook has no change in design and is pretty much the same as Thinker i35. While you might think of this as a laid back attitude from the manufacturer’s part, let us point out an important aspect. The design of Thinker i35 was versatile and well accepted in the market. It had a sturdy build and a significantly large display. Re-using the same body structure of Thinker i35 in Alldocube Kbook has saved the manufacturer a lot of time, manpower, expertise, and money, which in turn have allowed them to pull down the price.

Alldocube Kbook has a tough chassis of aluminum alloy that adds to the authenticity of the product. The dimensions are 312 mm x 238 mm with a thickness of 15.4 mm. The laptop will weigh a mere 1.6 kg, mainly because of the 13.5-inch display, which will add up to 2.3 kg which put in its package for shipping.

Alldocube Kbook would in no way fall behind the well-known competitors in its field when it comes to design. It is equipped with a long hinge to withstand rough handling, large black bezels give it an authentic look, a high-quality metallic exterior, and diamond-cut edges. It is not unnecessarily burdened with silly stickers. A logo of Alldocube can be found on the lid on the exterior and on the bezel in the interior.


Cable Connectivity and Charging:

Again, the chassis being the same as Thinker i35, there is not much change in the cable connectivity. There is an isolated dedicated power socket, two USB 3.0, a headphone jack, a DC jack, and a Type- C connector. On the negative part, there is no HDMI port or memory card reader. So you might have to carry an adapter wherever you go.

Alldocube Kbook comes with the same 30W, 12V, 2.5 A brick model. It is sad to say that those are the same charging adapters of Thinker i35 and might still possess the name of its old master. It is noticeable that Alldocube has gone a bit too much when it came to cost-cutting.


Alldocube Kbook comes with a 13.5 inch IPS display with a display ratio of 3:2. A 1080P FHD with a 3000×2000 pixel resolution is something you must look out for. It is difficult to find such display specs in that price range, to be honest. Moreover, the laptop is 180 degrees open, thus can offer a variety of viewing angles.


Alldocube Kbook come equipped with Intel Core m3-6Y30. Indeed, Intel m3-6Y30 is not the most advanced processor, however, it can still support heavy work-load because of its 4 threads. It has a 4.5W power consumption and therefore it can be cooled passively. An integrated graphics card of Intel HD graphics 515 is pre-installed to optimize the performance.


With the advanced Windows 10, Alldocube Kbook is ready for professional use and heavy-duty work.


Alldocube Kbook comes with an 8 GB RAM of 3rd generation. Honestly, it is not the best in its segment and the manufacturer could have developed on the performance. However, to keep the price in the lower bracket, the manufacturer chose not to. A Foresee S50AF512 GB SATA SSD is installed in the Alldocube Kbook to support the high-quality display.

Wireless Connectivity:

The Bluetooth and the Wireless 802.11ac WiFi is managed by the wireless AC-3165 Intel chip. It generates appreciable speed and connectivity.


The Alldocube Kbook comes with a 2-megapixel camera located on the top bezel. The camera is strategically placed between the two microphones for maximum input. The camera quality is that of an average 2-megapixel camera. The sound capture by the microphone is pretty good.


To support all the above equipment, a Lithium-ion polymer battery of 50 Whr is provided and it does its work quite effectively. The battery is better than average compared to laptops of that range. The video playing time is 6 hours and is quite commendable in this price bracket.

Overall Performance:

Overall, the laptop is pretty good in its price range but not the best. The keyboard is of good format, the keys are well aligned and do not rattle. The touchpad is smooth and sensitive. An overall glass finish gives the Alldocube Kbook a very classy look.

The primary reason someone would want to but Alldocube Kbook is to watch movies or play games. Though Alldocube Kbook is not a gaming laptop, the big screen can run some heavy games at low specs easily. Alldocube Kbook can be of real use to movie editors and graphic designers as they can have a better view of their work and at the same time render movies with ease.

Some features are a must in utility laptops like the Alldocube Kbook which were missing. To start with, the keyboard was not backlit. A non- backlit keyboard of a utility laptop these days will always fall behind in the competition since there are many brands with backlit keyboard in the price range.

Secondly, there was no biometric sensor. Yes, it is sad. Privacy is an important aspect of utility laptops and not having a biometric unlock system pushes the laptop several miles in the past. It seems that Alldocube Kbook was not able to incorporate the latest updates because they had to move forwards with the old chassis design of the Thinker i35.

Moreover, the specifications are not the best in its category. However, if we have to judge Alldocube Kbook concerning value for money, then the laptop will land several places above expected. A laptop in the price range of 850$ with features packed to the brim, Alldocube Kbook will surely find customers in the market.

Where to buy Alldocube Kbook?

vAlldocube Kbook is available on the online website called GearBest, who ships the products around the globe. The price on the website includes delivery. However, the price is exclusive of any type of Government revenues or taxes that would be collected during export.

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