Top 10 Alternatives To Google Drive

1) OneDrive

One Drive, a product by Microsoft has not limited themselves to their own clients in particular but have also opened the market for Android and iOS users. One of the best-known alternatives to Google Drive. One Drive and it is
A) Similar in functionality
B) Has cross-platform app support
C) The sync is fast and instantaneous.
The clients who have opted for the paid version of OneDrive gets full access to the Office Suite at no additional cost. Apart from Office 365, access to OneNote is also free, which is one of the best note-taking apps in the market. OneDrive is comparatively cheap when brought to competition with Google Drive or Dropbox.

2) Dropbox

Dropbox is one of the simplest file storage on the cloud platform. The interface resembles the ordinary desktop and arranging or sorting files is as easy as eating a pie. Moreover, files and folders can also be shared with other clients. The free service provides 2GB of usable storage. If someone needs an easy, simple and hassle-free application to drop their files and folders, then Dropbox is their best answer.
The sync feature introduced by Dropbox is used by a lot of other similar applications today. The feature supports all platforms like Android, iOS, and MacOs.

3) Mega

Mega comes next in our list of Google Drive alternatives. The main reason it made its place in rank 3 of our list is that we can use this cloud service without paying. Mega appears to be the best name in providing unpaid service as it provides 50 GB of space free of cost. For people who are not solely and intensively dependent on cloud storage service can easily use this application for free of cost and 50 GB of free-space is not a matter of joke. Mega also offers end-to-end encryption for better security and privacy. However, this service by Mega is in no way comparable to the security and privacy that our next application in our list of Google-drive alternatives provides.

4) Tresorit

Top 10 Google Drive Alternatives: Tresorit, our next name in the list provides military-level security service. They claim that their
service is so secure that they are ready to pay 50,000$ to anyone who can breach their security standards. Using Tresorit for privacy-demanding data is the best option for any client. If someone is planning to store the data and never worry about it, then Tresorit is the name you are searching for. Tresorit promises:
1) End-to-end encryption with cryptographic key sharing technologies. In simple words, it
means that the files get encrypted as soon as it gets uploaded.
2) However, their superior security has not allowed the supplication to lose the feature we
love the most about cloud storage- file sharing. Just like Google-drive or Dropbox, a user
can easily share information with fellow Tresorit users.
3) Every time a file is shared, a unique decoding key of the encryption is generated with can be shared with the person the user is intending to share his information with.

5) SpiderOak

SpiderOak One is our next selection as a Google –Drive alternative. It is another cloud storage service provider with it primary aim at securing the information. It has the security features like:
a) End-to-end encryption
b) Zero-knowledge authentication.
c) A more detailed approach towards its services.
A more detailed approach, however, results in the complication of the using procedures of the software.

The major drawback of using SpiderOak:
a) As the servers of the company are based in the US, the information are not protected by the Government, which is not the case when it comes to companies with independent EU
based servers.
b) SpiderOak focusses on a more enterprise-based service rather than serving individuals.
This may push individual clients at risk.

6) Backblaze

Blackbaze is mainly for two types of clients:
a) Someone using the cloud as a backup and not as the primary storage device.
b) Clients demanding for unlimited storage space.
Backblaze offers both of these features to its users at a very nominal price. The files are
automatically backed up and the client gets the choice of uploading or not uploading it on the cloud. Thus, sensitive files can be restricted from being uploaded on the cloud.
If you want to restore your data, as your backup over time may become bulky and it may take a
long time to download it all. Except this, Backblaze is one of the best Google-Drive alternatives.

7) Jottacloud

Jottacloud is for clients who want unlimited storage at a nominal price but no back-up facility. Jottacloud offers only two plans:
1) The basic or the free version gives your paltry 5GB of free storage
2) The paid version gives you unlimited storage.
It is similar to Google’s new application “Backup and Sync”. However, unlimited storage
saves us the pain of worrying about photos or videos eating up our space. Also, being a
Norwegian company, the service also focuses heavily on privacy.
8) pCloud
pCloud is next on our list of Google Drive alternatives. This cloud service is slowly
becoming popular because they have flexible plans which are easy to understand, choose
and use.
a) pCloud can sync anything and everything present on your desktop.
b) Now coming to the flexibility part, pCloud allows you to choose between different
storage plans and its plans start at prices as low as $3.99/month for 500 GB of
c) “pCloud Crypto” which can be separately purchased can set-up the military grade
security. pCloud is the 8 th best Google Drive alternatives that you can use  is SugarSync.

9) SugarSync

SugarSync is mainly known for its easy and flexible service. From the name it is clear that the company’s main motive is to bring to its user a superior syncing and sharing the experience. The clients can choose what to sync and where to sync. One can:
a) Sync anything
b) Access your files across PC or Mac
c) Remotely view files from iPhone, Android, Windows Mobile, Blackberry as well as

However, as a drawback, SugarSync is quite complex has can be difficult for clients with no
proper cloud storage knowledge to use.

10) BitCasa

BitCasa is exactly like an external hard disk in the cloud. Bitcasa has made it to our list of
Google Drive alternative as it offers unlimited storage and everything can be synchronized at
ease. It works seamlessly by synchronizing all your devices – your PC, laptop, phone and tablet so you can access your files everywhere. File sharing, even for huge files will be fast and simple.
A September 2011, Extreme Tech published an article which said that Bitcasa's convergent the encryption based system is "mostly" safe but has some risks associated with it. With this, we come to the end of our list of top 10 Google Drive alternatives.

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