Top 5 Android Keyboard Apps In 2019

In this world of a large pool of choices, why to rely on the one that comes with your phone? Why not try new ones and get the best out of what these android keyboard apps have to offer? You can get better and customizable keyboards for your android smartphone, available on the play store for free. Presenting to you, the top 5 Android Keyboards that you should definitely check out right now.

Google keyboard (GBoard)

Another great free android keyboard app is offered by Google. Many smartphones nowadays come equipped with this as the default keyboard (like the one plus and Mi smartphones). This app comes with a built-in Google search option. You can search your query by simply clicking the “G” icon given on the Gboard and share it without even needing to leave the app your typing in. Along with this, the Gboard is packed with features like offline speech-to-text, google translate, glide typing, hundreds of different languages, faster emojis and even gifs.

Google is getting linguistic by providing a large variety of languages. And now there is no need to switch the keyboard settings, the Gboard shows you recommendation of words in all the languages that you have selected. Another top-notch feature from Google is the transliteration. Which means it can convert a sentence or words from one language to your desired, selected language within the keyboard itself.

As the provider of this app is Google, privacy is gonna be the priority. You don’t have to worry about security issues with this app as it will not send any of your data to Google except for the searches you do, using the in-keyboard search feature. Apart from all the security promises and packed with features, Google still manages to keep the layout minimal and clean to add to your aesthetics. You should definitely check out this one if you have never done it before.

   Gboard (Google keyboard)

Fleksy Keyboard

Fleksy keyboard app is supported on both Android and IOS & this feature of fleksy makes it different from other apps. Apple does not allow any third party keyboard app but you can use fleksy with your emails, messages, Twitter and Facebook. Other IOS apps like GV connect, word box, launch center pro has also collaborated with fleksy.

Fleksy holds the Guinness World Record for fastest keyboard app and has 45+ languages for autocorrection. It is a user-friendly keyboard if you type any word which is not present in its dictionary you just need to swipe up and that word will get stored in its dictionary. Its chameleon theme makes typing experience fun i.e., it is available with different color keyboard for different apps like for Spotify it is green, red for youtube and so on but the chameleon theme would charge you around $ 4.99. Free fleksy users also have control over some colors and themes. Also read Top 10 Alternatives To Google Drive



Touchpal is one of the most famous free android keyboards with over 500 Million users worldwide. Along with glide typing (which they call “curve”), they provide another method called WAVE which is the combination of gesture control and predictive text that makes it easier and reduces the errors while typing. It shows the predictive word in different languages so no manual change of language is required. It also predicts the words from trending topics on the internet.

Touchpal offers “TALIA” which is an integrated digital assistant. TALIA can do different things to make your typing a great experience. For example, it can suggest you replies to the messages you receive, tell you about the weather, do small math calculations and convert currencies within the keyboard.

Talking of other little perks, it provides you smart GIFs (which you can create by yourself too), thousands of emojis, stickers, and other add ons that can be downloaded. It also comes with Virtual emojis in which you can record your expressions and voice to layer it over the desired emoji like the iPhone.


Swiftkey keyboard


It is one of the best free alternatives for your inbuilt keyboard. It is easy to use with it’s standard QWERTY layout and also provides you the best gesture control input and predictive text flow. Its prediction game is so spot on that it can predict the words with just a syllable or two. Its new version is equipped with many different features. For example, instead of swiping you just need to connect the alphabets to form sentences. This not only provides a better accuracy but an even faster speed than the swipe gesture.

It comes up with 60 different languages by just tapping anywhere in the word and provides you better prediction result by using your SMS, Facebook, and other social media histories. Also read Top 10 Android Browsers for best Internet speed, security and browsing


Chrooma keyboard

Chrooma keyboard, having a rating of 4.4 on the play store, gives a good competition to other keyboards. It comes with features like voice typing, night mode, lightweight app, theme adaptation, gesture control and much more. The night mode on the phone is quite smart as it automatically turns on depending on the light in your surrounding. Whenever your phone’s proximity sensor senses low light, the dark mode automatically turns on.

This keyboard, unlike all others, come with an in-built clipboard. So, any text that you copy gets copied on this clipboard and stays there forever untill you manually clear off the clipboard. This sounds skeptical as important messages and passwords left copied on the clipboard would make certain things problematic. Considering this, if you still want to try out funky designs, go check this one out.

   Chrooma Keyboard

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