Top 9 App Lockers for Android devices (2018)


In this article you will know about the top 10 app lockers for your Android device that will help you to lock your applications and maintain privacy. Also, you will be easily able to unlock your applications with the help of these app lockers.

What is an App Locker?

An App Locker is something that most people use these days to protect their data. These days, our smartphones have lots of personal data about us like our chats, photos, contacts, facebook etc. We want all this information to be available only to us. We do not want any outsider to get hold of such data.

In this situation, an App Locker comes into play. It controls the access to our data. There are a lot of App Locks on Google Play Store. To help you for selecting the best one, we’ve prepared this list of top 10 App Lockers for Android devices.

Top 10 App Lockers list:

  1. AppLock (by DoMobileLab)Screenshot ImageIf you believe in numbers then this app will impress you as it has over 350 million users. Also, it supports 39 languages. With this app lock, you can do lots of tasks like take intruder’s selfie, use incognito browser and manage multiple accounts of websites like facebook, twitter, Google+ etc.It protects your privacy by easily locking any app of your choice. In case you have any photos you want to hide, then this app is perfect for you. This app can make your photos totally vanish from you phone’s gallery and make them available in the vault that you will have access to using a pin.The app supports multiple types of security features like pin, pattern or print. This app has very advanced features so you will never have to worry about lending your phone to anybody else again. DOWNLOAD LINK
  2. Security Master – Antivirus, VPN, AppLock, Booster (by Cheetah Mobile AppLock & AntiVirus)

    Screenshot Image

    This is another app that will help you prevent others from seeing your Snapchat, Facebook, Skype, Twitter, Google+ and other important applications.

    In fact, this app even takes care of your security and privacy in the online world by providing VPN services as well. This app has multiple features in it as it also acts as an antivirus. This app removes junk data from your phone. This app keeps your phone secure offline as well as online. For example, it protects your online activities.

    The app provides pin protection, password protection and protection using your fingerprint in case your phone has a fingerprint protector.


  3. LOCKit – App Lock, Photos Vault, Fingerprint Lock (by SuperTools Corporation)Screenshot ImageWith this app you can protect your photos, videos from falling into the wrong hands. Also it can lock your apps to prevent others from using them.What’s more? This app has a feature known as ‘privacy status’ which will scan your mobile’s privacy status and also provide real time protection to your data keeping your secrets safe. Other features include ‘intruder selfie’ and ‘fake cover’. With ‘fake cover’ you can camouflage your app as some other app.The app provides further security by giving you the ability to jumble the digits on the pin code screen and also hide the pattern draw paths on the screen. It is indeed one of the best App Locks available. DOWNLOAD LINK 
  4. Hexlock App Lock & Photo Vault (by Liquidum Limited)

    Screenshot Image

    Besides protecting your social networks and other important apps, this app allows you to track any suspicious activity happening on your device.

    Through this app you will be informed about who tried to open any locked app in your device. Also, you will get a list of events that have happened. This security log is one of the great features of this app. Along with the list of events, you will also be able to get an intruder selfie.

    Besides providing all these great facilities, this app also has got proper basic functionality such as a media folder for your hidden photos. Through this app, you can even control your phone’s settings as you want to.


  5. Norton App Lock (by NortonMobile)Screenshot ImageThis app allows you to protect your phone using a pattern, password or pin type of security verification. This app drains less battery. There is an anti-theft feature provided in this app. With this feature, if your phone is stolen, the app will take a picture of the person who fails to unlock your phone after 3 attempts. The photo is then stored in the photos folder of your phone.This app-lock requires some extra Android permissions in order to ensure the safety of your sensitive apps too.


  6. Perfect AppLock(App Protector) (by Morrison Software)Screenshot ImageThis is another awesome app lock that allows you to safeguard your apps using PIN, gesture or pattern. Lock your super sensitive apps like Whatsapp, Twitter, Facebook, Camera, Gallery, SMS. Settings and even the USB connection. There’s a feature included that lets you control the brightness of different apps. Also, you can control the screen rotation of different apps. The app allows you to lock your outgoing calls, Wifi, data, installation of apps and incoming calls.The app uses minimum resources from your phone. It is full of good features. It displays fake popups when an app that is locked is launched.DOWNLOAD LINK :
  7. Private Zone – AppLock & Vault (by Leomaster(Applock & Privacy))Screenshot ImageFor an all-in-one great app locker, this is one of the best options. The app has multiple functions such locking your selected apps, customizing the mode of locking, hiding pictures and hiding videos. Besides all these features, the app also provides lock screen protection and with different themes to serve your customization needs.The app has a feature that allows you to hide the apps that you do not want anyone to see. You can even clone an app for running multiple accounts, which in our opinion is a great feature. Other features include a free Virtual Private Network (VPN) for surfing the web freely, data backup and recovery options and Private Browsing options.

    Overall, this app is an all-in-one package with all your security options in one place. The app can even scan the privacy status of your phone with just one tap. The app also has anti-theft security.


  8. ES App Locker (by DU Apps)Screenshot ImageThis app has a simple and easy to use interface. With this app you can lock/unlock any app by drawing pattern. Options are also available to hide the trajectory of drawing. You can multi-lock any app in your phone (also the system apps). This app has a minimalist design and great for those people who do not like having multiple features or buttons in their apps.This app is straight to the point and loved by those who like simple design.DOWNLOAD LINK :
  9. AppLock (by IVYMOBILE)Screenshot ImageThis app can lock your apps, media content and your phone’s system apps using password or pattern lock. This app is highly loved by people who like changing themes. Besides having great looks, the app also includes features like intruder selfie, lock frequency and power saving mode.You can enable or disable this app anytime with just a single tap. The app has a great feature that allows us to replace its icon with another icon like that of a clock, calculator, notepad etc. It is expected that the app will include more features in the future and you will be able to do a much larger amount of tasks. In the future the app might bring to you features namely screen lock, media vault, app disguise, phone cleaner, fingerprint lock and more.



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