Bing Advanced Search Tips & Tricks You Should Know

In the world of search engines Google is the most sought after name. However, search engine like Bing has got its own target users and it has its own fan base. While most of us are acquainted with the Google search tricks and the various features of the search engine, Bing too has got its own set of tricks and fun to be revealed. These tricks are not only useful but also entertaining and worth using.

Below we list some of the well known and most useful Bing advance search tips and tricks:

  1. First on our list of best Bing search tips comes the Bing’s Visual Search. With this feature we can search through thousand of images at ease. All we have to do is drag and drop an image we want to perform our search on into the Bing’s advanced image search box. Another way of using this feature is directly dragging the image from bing or copying its URL and pasting it in the search box.
  2. Second on our list of best Bing search tips we have the math solving capabilities of Bing. For using this we need to write down the mathematical equations clearly on a piece of paper and select the MATH button at the bottom. Bing will identify the equations from the handwriting and provide a detailed explanation of the solution to you.
  3. Text Transcription is probably one of the best feature introduces by Bing recently. To use this feature you have to shoot the image of the object you are trying to search on the web and Bing will carry out the search for you. You can also use it to copy text from hand written manuscripts. You can also search the text copied on the web. The feature does not end there. You can click photo of phone number and directly place a call to the required number at ease. You can also click an image of the email id and use it save the email id in your contacts.
  4. You can decide whether you want to watch a video using the preview of the Bing video search. Taking the mouse pointer over the video thumbnail will play a short portion of the video with the corresponding audio intact and it will help you decide whether you want o watch the video or not without visiting the parent website.
  5. American Sign Language or ASL is another note worthy feature of Bing. Search for sign language gives you a list of more than 100 words and 13 short sentences that can be used as an educational tool by students who are learning sign language.
  6. Finding notes of texts were never easier. Simply search for education on bing and before you will be present an endless collection of notes and ready to read answers of all subjects like maths, science and language. There is also the option of asking for specific topics for more specific understanding.
  7. There was no better way to check for outputs than the Bing Search engine. Simply type the code whose output you want to check and the search result will give you the output if it is available on the net. Moreover, you can also use the search engine as a compiler. Just by searching for C++ in the search box, we can start a compiler where we can modify our code and check the output.
  8. There was no online dictionary ever before that could be accessed from the search engine. Simply typing define followed by the word we want to search will give us the detailed definition of the words we are searching for.
  9. If you are planning a trip next week then this trick is sure to come in handy. Typing weather followed by the name of the place whose forecast you are searching for will give you the weather condition of the next 5 days.
  10. This is a blessing for every NFL lover. Bing search is ready with precise and innovative NFL stats, scores and news. Bing’s record dates back to the year 2000 and it has continued the record keeping till this date.
  11. Simply searching for ‘100 dollars to rupees’ will convert the currency to rupees in accordance to the current currency rate. There is probably no better way to get hold of exact figures without this trick.
  12. Bing Search Symbols are great ways of enhancing the efficiency of search results.

Using + between two words makes use that both of them appear consecutively in the search results.

Using – between words displays only those search results where the words do not appear consecutively.

Using “  ” allows us to find the origin of a particular word or paragraph.

Using OR symbols gives us the result of web pages that contains either of the word connected by OR.

13. Using contains: allows us to filter our search result according to our need. If we want to search for mp3 file, using the contains: keyword we can filter our search and take only the search result we require. If we want search for PDF files only we can write site: contains :PDF.

14. There is another way of filtering the search result. We can select the position where we want our keyword to appear in the search results.
We can use inurl which will return the results of all those sites where the keywords are present in the url.
We can write intitle to search for the results where our required keyword is present in the title. Also, searching for inanchor or inbody will search for our keyword in those positions.

15. Finding the image with the perfect size is not difficult anymore. Many a times we find that while designing a creative, we are not being able to proceed because we are not getting the image of the required size or dimensions. Using the keyword imagesize: allows us to get rid of this problem.
If we write small, both length and breadth are less than 200 pixels
If we write medium, length and breadth are between 200 pixels and 500 pixels
If we write large, both length and breadth are greater than 200 pixels.

16. Bing is liked because you can filter your search result according to your requirement. Specifying the country using the loc: keyword allows us to search the net based on location.
17. Language is a barrier sometimes during our search sessions. Using the keyword language: we can select the language we want our results in.
18. Using the prefer keyword allows us to let our search result focus on a term rather than return a load of unwanted results. If we write ice cream prefer: strawberry.
19. Using the domain to filter your search is also a great way of reaching the result you want. Writing site:/domain: Keyword allows you to restrict your search result to the already mentioned domain. The search results from the other domain will not be used.
20. Using the near keyword allows us to set the proximity of a word from another word. Suppose we want you to see the article where the doctor and medicines appear at a close proximity of each other.
21. RSS feed allows news reading easier. If we want to read the news about a particular topic we simply search for feed: college.With this we come to the end of the points which would give us a top edges over the people who do not know the tricks. Bing has been in the market for a long time. Bing has a special feature of rewarding its user using Microsoft Points which can be earned by searching or taking quizzes. Those points can be redeemed at Amazon, Starbucks or Xbox products.

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