How to capture screenshot of any tweet using twitter bot

Why use Twitter bot?

Have you ever wanted to take screenshot of a tweet? Many time while going through tweets of our favorite people we feel like saving the tweet as a screenshot. We have a solution for you if you ever feel that need.

Say bye bye to snipping tool or any other software that you use for capturing the screen. It’s time for you to upgrade your ways from using print screen > Control + V to using twitter bot. In this article we will describe you the twitter bot you have to use and tell you how to use it.

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What is a Twitter bot?

First things first, what is a twitter bot anyway? In case you do not know, a Twitter bot is a software that enables you to control a Twitter account. A Twitter bot uses the Twitter API. You have full control over it. The main sauce behind it is automation. You can automate the twitter bot to reply to messages, retweet, like a tweet and lot more.

To give an example, @Betelgeuse_3 is a Twitter bot which will give replies for any tweets that have the keyword ‘Beetlejuice, beetlejuice, beetlejuice’. The best part is that the tweets are done in the voice of the leading character in a movie called Beetlejuice.

Another example is @EarthquakesSF. This Twitter bot will tweet about the earthquakes happening in the San Francisco Bay Area. It will gain information from the USGS in real-time and tweet about it.

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How to use twitter bot to capture screen shots of tweets?

Enough talk about Twitter bots. Now let’s get to the real talk. Here’s how you can use Twitter bots to your benefit. In this article, we’re going to talk about a Twitter bot software called Screenshot Guru. You can click on it to visit their website.

Screenshot Guru, is a simple and easy to use software that will get your job done in no time. It will take really high quality and sharp images of the tweets for you. You can also install its extension in your Chrome Browser. The link for doing so is provided on the website itself.

Follow the steps provided

Follow the steps given below to learn how to use Screenshot Guru –

  1. First you have to decide which way you want to take the screenshot. There are three ways of doing so. In this point we’re going to tell you the first way. In the second and third points, we’ll tell you the other two ways. In the first way, you can simple visit their website. To use their web application, just copy paste the link to the tweet in the field provided. Solve a captcha on the screen to prove you’re human. Press the ‘screen capture’ button and you’re good to go.
  2. The second way is through the Chrome Extension of  Screenshot Guru. Their will occur a camera icon below every tweet. The rest is simple, once you click on it a PNG image will be created of the same tweet. Pretty simple, right?
  3. The third way by which you can capture high quality Twitter screenshots is by using the Twitter bot @screenshotguru. What you’ll have to do is DM the tweet to it and it will send you back the tweets but in screenshot form. How cool is that?!

So now that you know how to capture screenshots of Tweets in high quality, you can enjoy doing so using Screenshot Guru. It is easy to use, simple, efficient and fast.

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