How To Install Android 10 Q Beta Right Now?

You might want to install the Android 10 Q beta right now. The preview build of the latest version of Android was recently officially announced by Google. This Android upgrade will be all about the minor tweaks which make the user experience much more fluid. You have the system-wide dark mode, a redesigned permissions page … Read more

How to Categorize emails in Gmail with Labels

The problem we face in Gmail If you’ve ever used Gmail you might have faced this one problem. The problem is that when we get too many emails it becomes hard for us to decide among the important ones like work-related, and the non important ones like advertisement related or from social networks. All we … Read more

How To Recover Permanently Deleted Gmail Emails

Introduction In this article, you’re going to know how to recover deleted emails in Gmail. Also, there is something you can try to get them even after they’ve gone from the trash folder. Simply follow the steps given below. Note that this is an official solution. You won’t have to install any app or use … Read more