Top 15 Website Like Omegle In 2023

Omegle is very popular among youngsters and teens because of its features like random chat, video chat, etc It’s an easy way to make new friends living in different places. We all know that Omegle was blocked in some countries including Pakistan, China, and Iran because of its inappropriate content. If you live in any … Read more

Top 9 Accessories To Buy For Your Laptop

Laptop accessories is a class of devices that can better your experience with computers by a huge margin. These are little yet so effective things that you might not have thought of having before I told you there benefits. Bringing to you, top 9 Accessories To Buy For Your Laptop. Let’s begin! Cooling pad/table This … Read more

Best Apps For Windows 10

There is no shortage of apps when it comes to windows but finding fresh apps isn’t that easy. So here is a list of Best new apps for Windows 10. A spoiler alert, they are all free. Franz The first app we have here is Franz, cool name by the way. What is lets you … Read more

Top 5 Android Keyboard Apps In 2019

In this world of a large pool of choices, why to rely on the one that comes with your phone? Why not try new ones and get the best out of what these android keyboard apps have to offer? You can get better and customizable keyboards for your android smartphone, available on the play store … Read more

10 Best Racing Games For Android

In the gaming world, racing games are a heartthrob. With its introduction during the very initial stages of game development, racing games have come a long way to become what it has become today. In the smartphone world, racing games were the first to adapt itself to the lack of buttons. Using the peripherals of … Read more

10 Best Alternative To skype For International Calls

The world has become a global village because of the internet. Out of the numerous advantages that internet has provided mankind, Voip( Voice over internet Protocol)  and the video calling facilities and probably the greatest blessing. Today, we can easily connect with someone in some other country just buy the click of the mouse. Leave … Read more