Top 7 Android Emulator software for your PC

What’s an Android Emulator? An Android Emulator is a software that allows you to use Android OS inside a PC that runs another OS. For example, if you have a Windows or a Mac computer and you want to run Android applications in it you will use an¬† Android Emulator. Android Emulators solve many problems … Read more

Top 5 games like Mini Militia

Reason behind Mini Militia’s popularity Mini Militia rocked the world after its release in 2015 (for Android). The game is on every school or college goer’s mobile. It is such a huge time killer that one can pass hours playing it. The reasons for its massive success are probably its great graphics, game play, sounds … Read more

10 Coolest Rainmeter Skins for you to try!

Rainmeter. What is it? In short, Rainmeter is something that makes your PC look cool interface-wise. There’s a large population of computer users who just got bored with the default themes provided with operating systems like Windows. So, somebody came up with a way using which you can customize your PC interface to very high … Read more

10 CMD commands for Hacking

Disclaimer This article is meant for educational purposes only. Hacking can be used for good as well as evil. A hacker who uses his knowledge for causing harm to the society is called a ‘black hat’ hacker. A hacker who uses his knowledge for doing good work is called a ‘white hat’ hacker. We strongly … Read more

Top 9 App Lockers for Android devices (2018)

Introduction In this article you will know about the top 10 app lockers for your Android device that will help you to lock your applications and maintain privacy. Also, you will be easily able to unlock your applications with the help of these app lockers. What is an App Locker? An App Locker is something … Read more

10 Best Travel Apps For Android Users

The Internet has truly made the world a Global Village. With the advent of smartphones, traveling has become easier, safer and more comfortable. Any information like the amount of traffic on the road or the weather conditions of a place or the places worth visiting is easily available with the blink of an eye. Today … Read more