A hacker Shows How To Hack Bank Accounts And Security Cameras Using Only Email


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How powerful are hackers?

Do you want to get an idea of what and how much a hacker can do? There’s a lot of power possessed by skilled hackers. They can get to anything from your bank account to your personal details. They can find out the deepest of your online secrets. Even some YouTubers have challenged hackers before to try to hack them and hackers have succeeded. Their skill is not to be taken lightly. Once a hacker gets to know everything about you, it’s over. Even your life could be put in danger. Your bank account could go empty.

This has even happened with companies that their data or money have been stolen by hackers. Even E-mail accounts have been breached by professional hackers.

Social engineering

Hacking is not just about being technical. A hacker has to get information through all ways possible. For example, either a hacker could hack his way into somebody’s account, or he could simply make the other person give away his password.

Social engineering is a very powerful tool and its power should not be underestimated. Many people have fallen prey to this thing and gotten their accounts hacked. A hacker will try to befriend you and will ultimately make you reveal your secrets to them. And through this, they can hack their way further into your computer.

But what are the other ways? What if somebody does not let you into their life? In this case, one applies the hard way and which requires special computer skills. Phishing is one such way. Now, you’re going to know how the phishing technique is used. It can be used to hack the security cameras, bank details, social media and even give a hacker the command of their victim’s whole computer.

Dan Tentler explains about how security cameras and bank accounts are hacked

Dan Tentler is a security expert who explained how phishing can be used to hack your way into anybody’s computer. Phishing can be very dangerous if someone falls prey to it.

Here’s how phishing works. The hacker sends his prey some email. In this email, he attaches a fake form. The email will be designed in such a way that it will look genuine. Also, the form could be an exact copy of some login page. If the prey enters any of his details in the form, they will go directly to the hacker.


Thus, the hacker will have his password, username, and other important details. This is how the hacker can access all of his data. Moreover, if the prey unknowingly allows a hacker’s application to access his computer, the hacker can be in full control of the person’s activities.

This is how dangerous phishing can be. You must be very cautious while filling forms because if it’s a fake form, all your information could be gone in the hands of a hacker. When hackers get access once, they get brutal and it is very hard to recover your data.


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