How to get Android P looks on your phone | What does ‘P’ stand for?

Android P beta

We’re all excited about Android P, right? The beta version of Android P came out in May, 2018. And since then, it has been creating curiosity and excitement in many Android fans. If for some reason, you haven’t been able to use Android P, and are curious how it looks, we have a solution for you. There’s a way you can get Android P like experience in your regular smartphone. You will have to install a launcher in your phone which will change its looks. Your phone’s looks will then become similar to Android P. Pretty cool right?

More about Android P

Android P is the 9th important version of Android OS. It has a great feel and many changes from the previous important version of Android which is Android Oreo. Here are some of the features of Android P.

  1. The clock has been shifted to the left on the top.
  2. The volume slider has a new design.
  3. Interface will understand gestures.
  4. The brightness settings will adapt to your usage characteristics.
  5. The corners have been rounded across the Graphical User Interface (GUI).

Listed above are only a few of the features. There are actually many changes in the Android P.

Get Android P like experience in any regular smartphone

Now lets talk about the most important part of this article. Here’s how you can download the Android P launcher.

  1. Visit . This is the download page for the launcher. Q899 is an XDA developer and the link will take you to page where you can spot the download button.
  2. Install it and enjoy! How easy, right?

This is not available on Google Play Store. You might want to read the warning that we’ve mentioned at the end of this article. And if you need to know more or have any questions you can read the information given on his page. The information might solve your queries. Also, note that this will only make your phone look like Android P. It will not actually install Android P on your phone.

What does ‘P’ in Android P stand for?

Google has not officially announced the full form of the letter ‘P’ in Android P. But there’s a clue we can give you. According to the rumors, ‘P’ stands for ‘Pie’. Again, nobody can say yet what it will be for sure. The future is full of surprises.


Some people feel paranoid to install third party software or software that comes from a source other than Google Play. If you do not trust any third party applications, and only want to download things from Google Play Store, we cannot help you. It is entirely up to you whether to download it or not. The risk is yours.

So, if you are someone who does not like to install any software other than from Google Play, we recommend that you do not install this launcher. The choice is yours. Let’s hope Google releases the stable version for Android P soon. And it will be totally worth the wait.

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