Top 10 Lightweight Android Browser For Improving Battery Life

If you have come to read about lightweight android browser then chance are you are using an android phone and not happy with the battery consumption. Well, known browsers like Chrome, Edge, Firefox, etc. consume a large amount of Data and use a lot of space on your device memory. These browsers may be great at work but at the expense of using a large amount of battery and power, getting some simple search results are sometimes not worth it. Therefore, today we list the top 10 best lightweight browsers for Android. These browsers are not only user-friendly but also offers some top features that are missing in some of the well-known web browsers. On Google Play Store one will find a wide variety of lightweight browsers and choosing one can be really difficult. So here we have compiled list of top 10 best lightweight Android browser.

List Of Top 10 Lightweight Android Browser:

Via Browser (~800 kB)

This browser is a miniature powerhouse. In spite of being only 800 Kb, this browser is a pro in handling the desktop mode and is very efficient and effective. The main plus point of this browser is, it is well sorted and not congested. The default ad blocker in this small app makes this a must use for all android users. One will also find others useful features like the night mode, the custom downloads option and the incognito mode. With all this features ready to use, Via can be easily called underrated in respect to its efficiency. Therefore if one is looking for a really small browser with all these amazing features, Via is the first choice.

   Download Via Browser

Firefox Focus

Next, on our list of best lightweight browsers for Android, we have Firefox Focus. This browser specializes in maintaining your privacy in the best way. This browser is great as it comes equipped with the ad blocker and also prevents trackers and other malicious codes which may send your information to the site owner. Moreover, unlike other browsers, this browser does not store cookies, passwords or any other information. Therefore, this browser is like being in the incognito mode always. Sine this browser is developed by Mozilla, one can expect high-quality browsing with low data usage.

   Download Firefox Focus

Opera Mini

Opera Mini is a must say in the list of the best lightweight android browser. This browser with a successful history of working on java powered feature phone has all the features which you can ask from a full paced android web browser. The features like ad blocker, video download support, private browsing and download manager are all present and ready to use on this browser. A better lightweight browser is not present in the market if you are going for online purchases. Developed by the software Giant Opera Softwares, Opera mini is sure to win your heart.

  Download Opera Mini

Lightning Web Browser

With the main aim at security, design, and efficiency, the lightning web browser has found its way in our list of best lightweight android browser. This browser has a design that gives you a feel of working on Google Chrome. This app is really efficient for its size and comes wrapped with a lot of useful features. Moreover, this browser does not tract you and has a lot of options to protect your privacy. The browser is constructed on Webkit that actually powers Apple’s Safari, their good speed is an expected result.

   Download Lightning Web Browser

Google Go

It is unfortunate that there is no app called Chrome Lite. In spite of that if you would like to use a web browser developed by Google, you can surely use Google Go. The app has the capability to Load results quickly and efficiently. Therefore this app has found its way in our list of best light weight browsers for android.

This app actually loads the pages with Google weblight, thus ensuring lower consumption of data and very quick page upload even at slow internet speeds. The app also has some in built features of Google Assistance. If one is looking for an interesting app at low space consumption to browse the internet, then this app is a must go.

   Download Google Go

UC Browser Mini

Most of us are already familiar with this app. This app is a top contender in the list of best lightweight browsers for android. Though the app may be lightweight, the app has all the features necessary for an enjoyable browsing experience. This browser is especially necessary for low data consumption in devices with low specifications and low data storage. With mind-blowing features like navigation cards, fast browsing, smart downloading, incognito and night mode, this app is a must use for many users with low specs devices.

   Download UC Browser Mini


Developed by Amazon, the web-browser called internet is taking up the market at a very fast pace. This app is always in the private mode. Unlike other apps that ask for permission or collect data, you need not provide any permission or any data to use this app. It does not record your usage chronologically on your phone and also blocks all trackers and ads. Moreover, being developed by Amazon, this app is worthy of trust.

   Download Internet

CM browser

The list of best light weight browsers for android would have been incomplete without the mention of CM browser. Developed by the software team of Clean master, CM browser is a light weight android browser that comes with the mind blowing feature of having a in-built antivirus scanner that protects your device from malicious ads. The ad blocker that come equipped with the app cleans the irritating ads and video ads thus ensuring a browsing of comfort and pleasure. Moreover, this browser allows you to download videos and supports most of the video files.

   Download CM Browser

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Dolphin Zero Incognito Browser

With a size of only 500 Kb, this lightweight android browser is next on our list of 10 best lightweight browsers for android. By default, Dolphin Zero Incognito Browser is a private browser and does not save any history or information about your browsing. This browser comes equipped with the flash player, thus allowing most webpages to be available to us. Important and note-worthy features like the ad block, multiple tab bars, bookmarks and sidebar, private browsing and download manager are already a part of the app and ready to use.

   Download Dolphin Zero

Yandex Browser Lite

Yandex browser is developed by a Russian company and is a part of our best lightweight browsers for Android list. This browser is lightweight and saves a lot of space for us on our device. Quick result display allows you to browse fast and save a lot of battery. An amazing feature called the SmartBox search allows you to ask for your required website. You can also visit your most visited site from your main screen. It also allows you to view stories and videos based on your interest. The best part, you can store this browser on your phone memory or your memory card.

   Download Yandex Browser Lite

With this, we come to the end of our list of the best lightweight android browser. I am sure now you can search the internet by consuming a lot less data and wasting a lot less battery of your device. Since privacy is an important concern, we have tried to list our contenders accordingly. It is always advisable to check the privacy concerns of your web browser before you start using it. Moreover, we have also kept in mind that light being should not compromise with the quality of the searches and the user-friendly approach of the apps.

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