10 Best Racing Games For Android

In the gaming world, racing games are a heartthrob. With its introduction during the very initial stages of game development, racing games have come a long way to become what it has become today. In the smartphone world, racing games were the first to adapt itself to the lack of buttons. Using the peripherals of … Read more

10 Best Alternative To skype For International Calls

The world has become a global village because of the internet. Out of the numerous advantages that internet has provided mankind, Voip( Voice over internet Protocol)  and the video calling facilities and probably the greatest blessing. Today, we can easily connect with someone in some other country just buy the click of the mouse. Leave … Read more

Top 10 games like PUBG (Player Unknown’s Battleground)

With the growing popularity of ‘Battle Royale mode’ games, many alternatives of the well-known game called PUBG has come in the market. Player Unknown’s Battleground was initially released in Mandarin in China. Though the game faced initial inhibition in its growing popularity because of its incapable servers and inefficient debugging, the authority took quick actions … Read more

10 Best Linux Distro For Gaming

With the advent of time gaming on Linux has become quite popular. In recent years, many new Linux distros have hit the market that is specially meant for gaming. Apart from the already well-known distros like Ubuntu, users have started using distros like Steam OS for a better gaming experience. It is true that any … Read more