10 Coolest Rainmeter Skins for you to try!

Rainmeter. What is it?

In short, Rainmeter is something that makes your PC look cool interface-wise. There’s a large population of computer users who just got bored with the default themes provided with operating systems like Windows. So, somebody came up with a way using which you can customize your PC interface to very high extents.

Rainmeter is one such thing that allows you to view a totally different face of your computer. In case you are wondering about the functionality of your computer you need not worry as it remains the same. Rainmeter can provide you with really great themes and you’re going to know about some of them in this article.

So if you want to experiment with your computer’s look or skin you definitely should try out Rainmeter. It is very simple and easy to convert back to your default old theme in the operating system. People tired with their current default themes should definitely give Rainmeter a shot. Also, it is recommended for people who like trying out cool things with their computers.

What is a Rainmeter theme?

Just having Rainmeter does not do the job. It might have some cool default skins but if you want more, you should definitely check out the themes available on the internet and select the best one. People make many custom things and its up to you which ones you want to keep in your Rainmeter. In this article we will tell you about some of the themes that we find cool. You can look up the pages of the following themes by clicking their respective titles.

Top 10 Coolest Rainmeter themes –

  1. Jarvis themeImage result for rainmeter jarvis themeAlmost all of us have seen Ironman and are big fans of it. Because of its huge popularity and excitement among people, people got inspired to create a Rainmeter theme related to the movie. This theme, as the name suggests, will turn your computer into Jarvis, look -wise.You will feel like you are actually using Jarvis while using this theme. Most of us feel that Jarvis is a really cool thing that Ironman has and we feel like having it as well. This Rainmeter theme will satisfy exactly that feeling of yours.
  2. Limit themeImage result for rainmeter limit temeThis theme gives a feeling of nature. It makes us feel that we are actually present somewhere very peaceful and greenish. It will relax your eyes and calm our mind. This theme also gives the feeling of peace and looks really cool.
  3. Glass themeImage result for rainmeter glass themeThis is a really premium theme look wise. It takes you to a whole different world. It looks stylish and has a rich feel to it. Many people feel like living inside a world made of glass and this theme will make you feel exactly that. Glass has a very attractive look to it and so does this theme. Your PC will really look impressive with this one.
  4. Monsoon themeMonsoon 2.2.1 by mnhshareWho doesn’t love rain? Well, especially in the Summer season, we want to get a feel of rain so that our mind feels cool. This theme will give you the feeling of rain and you will be calmed. Rain always brings smile on our faces so somebody made a theme for this for Rainmeter. It is a really soothing and relaxing theme that looks really great.
  5. Green RainmeterGreen Rainmeter by krizajb
    This is another great theme that has a natural look to it and it looks classy as well. When you will open your laptop in front of your colleagues in your office they will become really impressed and might even ask you how you turned your PC into such an awesome looking working machine. You should definitely try out this theme if you’re a fan of green color and the nature.
  6. Aliens theme:: ALIENS :: by DarkEagle2011
    There’s a part of us that is really curious and fascinated about aliens. We find it cool to have alien looking themes in our PCs. They give a unique touch to the skin and feel of our computer. They sooth our mind and we can probably work better with our favorite themes installed. This is one of the themes that will be liked by almost everyone who takes interest in aliens and is excited by alien movies.
  7. Animus theme[Rainmeter] Animus - Customized by Dyne Arts by DyneArts
    This theme is really inspirational and motivational for work. It is found that your work output will be improved if you use this theme as it classifies all your programs and files in a very good way. It is a very good looking theme which will create a feeling of relaxation when you use it. The theme creator(s) have used their creativity to give us the best experience while using our PCs. This theme has a really good color combination to it and is loved by most people who have used it.
  8. Razor themeRazor by minhtrimatrixThis theme chooses a very beautiful range of colors to give us an ambient type of feeling. It shows all sorts of information to us on the screen. This theme gives a peaceful feeling to our mind when we sit down on our computers for a long day’s work. You can monitor the news, network information, currently playing song etc. all in one window using this theme.
  9. Heads up skinHeadsUp 1.0 Skin by Bacanalia73
    Another great theme that gives you a space-like feeling. Since our childhoods, its been a fantasy for most of us to actually be an astronaut and take a look at the earth from the space, the stars, the other planets etc. This theme will make you feel like an astronaut in outer space and satisfy your thirst for going to space. It just takes you to another world and gives the best work experience.
  10. Neon SpaceNeon Space Rainmeter 2.4 2018 by 99villagesIf you’re not satisfied with the last skin even yet, here’s another cool space related theme for you that will attract your eyes and calm them as well. This theme is pretty dark and it has a cool look to it. Your colleagues will probably think you’re using NASA’s computer or something similar to that. The theme has great colors in it and is super cool.

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