How To Recover Permanently Deleted Gmail Emails


In this article, you’re going to know how to recover deleted emails in Gmail. Also, there is something you can try to get them even after they’ve gone from the trash folder. Simply follow the steps given below.
Note that this is an official solution. You won’t have to install any app or use any third party software for this.

How to recover email if it’s in trash folder

When you delete emails from your Gmail account they’re transferred to a folder named as ‘trash’ folder. In this folder the emails stay for 30 more days. It means, the emails can still be easily recovered within 30 days of deletion. Once the 30 days are over, the emails are also deleted from the trash folder.

Once the emails have been deleted from the trash folder, do not feel hopeless. There is something more you can do to have a chance of getting those emails back. We’re going to tell you the step you can follow to do so.

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Steps to get recover permanently deleted emails from Gmail

Please make note that the following method is not 100% guaranteed to get you back your permanently deleted Gmail emails. The method has been found to have worked for some people, whereas it has left some users unhappy. (Maybe it depends on whether Gmail still has some of your data on their servers.)

  1. Go to the missing emails support page of google. The link for that page is email gmail
  2. Scroll down to the option called ‘Fix a problem’ and click the ‘+’ button next to it. recover deleted email gmail
  3. After you’ve click on ‘Fix a problem’ button. You’ll notice a drop down list. In this list find the option ‘Gmail messages are missing’ and click on email recover
  4. Now a new page will open. You have to scroll down on it and click on the option ‘report a problem’.
    gmail email
  5. Now a new page will open and Gmail will ask you a couple of questions. You need to answer these and click the submit button.
  6. In the previous step, in the field where you have to describe your issue, you may write something like “I accidentally deleted my emails, please help me recover them.”.
  7. Now you have to wait till they reply.

We hope that you get your permanently deleted emails back from Gmail using this method. This method has worked for a lot of people and they’ve successfully recovered their permanently deleted Gmail emails.

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