Sheppard Software Site Review, an educational website for all age groups

What is Sheppard Software?

Sheppard Software is one of the best educational websites for people of all age groups. This website has got everything from hundreds of games and activities to articles and quizzes, and it makes education a lot of fun! There is a huge variety of things one can learn on this website. On the Sheppard Software’s landing page, if you scroll down a little, you will find 4 different sections, namely ‘Preschool and Kindergarten’, ‘Elementary School – Early Middle  School’, ‘Middle School – High School’, ‘College’ and ‘Adults’. Below every section, you’ll find activities, games and other fun learning stuff related to the age group of that section.

Besides the different categories listed above, on the website, there are also various icons, tabs, and links. They all represent different fields of learning. For example, if you click on the icon that says ‘Math Games‘. You will see lots of Math related games. These games will make you learn math while having fun as well. There are just tons of subjects you or your kid can learn here. Also, the website has a very good interface. You will easily be able to search the topics of your interest. You will find almost anything here, from A to Z. The website has it all!

Learn with your whole family!

sheppard software categories

There are loads of games and activities to choose from! So, just sit back, relax and learn along with your kids. This website provides an excellent way through its interactive games and activities to spend time with your kids and teach them better. As you can see for yourself, the website has got a huge variety of options –

  1. Animal Games for kids
  2. Preschool & Kindergarten
  3. Math Games
  4. U.S. Geography games
  5. Animal Articles & Quizzes
  6. PreK & K Animal Games
  7. Science Games
  8. Language Arts Games
  9. World Geography Games
  10. Chemistry Games
  11. Health Games
  12. Animal Games for Kids
  13. Brain Games
  14. USA 4 Kids
  15. Nutrition for Kids
  16. Paint Activities
  17. Seasons for kids
  18. Puzzles
  19. History

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So many categories to choose from!

sheppard software categories

Out of all these categories, there is a lot you can learn. They will increase your knowledge in the areas of ‘USA’, ‘World, ‘animals, ‘language arts’, ‘health’, ‘science’, ‘math’, ‘preschool’ and ‘brain’. Every category provides in-depth knowledge in that field and in a very fun manner. We learn faster through games. Whether you’re an adult or you’re a kid, there’s always something new you can learn from this website. Take a look at the Geography and math games below –

sheppard software geography

By visiting the Geography section we learned a lot about the United States, Europe, Asia, Africa and other places. We also got to know that learning becomes really easy if you do it on this website.

You will find how each topic is divided into several subtopics. The deeper you explore the website, the more you increase your knowledge of things. You kids will also learn a lot from this website. It is actually focused more on kids but adults learn a lot from it as well. There is no age for learning after all. One thing we want to inform you about is that the games on Sheppard Software use ‘Adobe Flash’ to run on. In your internet browser, you’ll be asked to ‘click to enable Adobe Flash’ before playing the game, possibly.

The sections we explored deeply on Sheppard Software are of Math and Geography. And we’re very impressed from both of these! In the Math section, we tried a few games related to fractions.

sheppard software math

Sheppard software fractions

In the Sheppard Software fractions game, you are required to match the fractions with the corresponding diagram representing that fraction. We realized that it’s a very fun, interactive and innovative way of learning fractions for kids. And this is just the first game in the list! Imagine how much you’ll learn if you play the other games as well.

There is another really popular game on the website called ‘math man‘. You’ve played ‘Pacman’ right? If your answer is yes, then you’re absolutely going to love ‘math man’. This game is similar to ‘Pacman’ but there is a catch. In this game, you’re given a math problem like ’54 – 17′ on the bottom of the screen. Now, your goal is to eat the ghost that has the number ’37’ on it among all the ghosts because ’57-14=37′. How cool is that? Now your kids will have a great excuse to play games.

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Learning provided at Different levels at all abilities

sheppard software levels

No matter which level you’re at in life, there’s still plenty of material for you on Sheppard Software! You have so many choices here to help you uncover your creative side. For example, if you’re a college goer, you can increase your knowledge in the fields of Geography, Health, Brain and Math Games. If you’re a High School student, you have even more choices of subjects. There is maximum content for middle school students. For all of these options, there are various activities and games  It includes-

  • Animal Kid’s Corner
  • Preschool Animals
  • Math Games
  • Nutrition for kids
  • Seasons for kids
  • Grammar Games
  • Dinosaurs
  • Geography
  • Brain
  • USA 4 kids
  • Science
  • Animals
  • Health
  • Easy Spanish
  • Create Zone

According to the website, they had over 20 million visitors the previous year. If you scroll further down on the website you can read the reviews about the website, most of which thank the website for its awesome quality of education. We often feel bored while doing school-related work, but this website has something unique about it which makes learning more fun. The website has lots of videos for kids and even has a Youtube channel. Also, there’s a new option for ‘no ads’ on the website. You should definitely check it out.


There is no limit for learning. Also, there is no limit for content on Sheppard Software. Once you visit the website, it will be hard to turn back from it. The website tries in every possible way i.e. through games, videos, puzzles, quizzes, fun facts to give you the maximum education in the minimum amount of time. So, go ahead and open up the world of learning!

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