Top 4 Free TeamViewer Alternatives For You To Use In 2019

Before we take a look at TeamViewer alternative¬†we must understand in what scenario we need remote desktop control and why TeamViewer can’t fulfill all our needs.

Why would we need to Remotely Control our PC?

People from all walks of life require at some point to remotely control their PCs. Suppose you’re out of town for a business meeting and require some important document to be transferred to you from your PC at home. In that case, you would ask somebody at your home to switch on your PC and connect it to you with a remote control software. This way you will be able to locate the file on the PC and copy it directly using the software.

People from many walks of life feel the need to remotely control their PCs. You might someday want to give a presentation to somebody from a remote location, and it is possible by remote control software. Such software can also come in handy for conferences. Even big companies require such software for various purposes therefore these software are hugely needed in today’s world where time and accessibility play a huge role in getting work done.

What is TeamViewer?

TeamViewer is a software that lets you to control your pc via remote control. Suppose you are not present at the physical location of your pc, but you still want to control it. You can do it by using TeamViewer. If you have TeamViewer installed in both the devices viz the device you want to control and the device you want to control it with, you can remotely have access to a computer far away from you.

Why do we need alternatives for TeamViewer?

TeamViewer is an easy to use software and is also one of the best. However, it requires a license to be bought for getting its full functionality, such as the case with other lots of great software. Many people cannot afford the license and therefore require a free alternative to TeamViewer which can fulfill their basic requirements of remote computing. Also, there are a few other things that make it necessary for us to have alternatives of TeamViewer. They are transferring files, uploading or downloading content over the internet, using proxies, using full screen with crystal clear quality, conferencing etc. So here are 4 free TeamViewer alternatives:

Top 4 free TeamViewer Alternative:-

Here’s a list of the alternatives for TeamViewer that you can use without paying for anything. The various features of every software are also provided. Also, there are hints given on where to download these software from.

  1. Chrome Remote Desktop (by Google LLC)Screenshot ImageIt is the best TeamViewer alternative I could suggest. This is very easily accessible. All you have to do is open your Google Chrome browser and install an extension in it called the Chrome Remote Desktop using the Chrome Web Store. Also, for your android device, you can easily download it from Google’s Play store. Once you have the software installed you’re good to go. Although it does not provide chat functionality it still is a very secure option and it is very easily downloaded. It is fast and provides access to files and folders. Another good thing about this is that most of us trust Google and find its products simple to use. The software has a simple UI and is an efficient tool for remote controlling your computer.
  2. Windows Remote Connection
    Windows offers a great solution if you’re using a windows computer for remote computing. It has built in features for remote controlling your pc in its professional, ultimate and other versions. This is a great option for the people who do not like installing third party software on their computers. We all trust windows with its products and so this one too is a very cool software. The only requirement for using this software is that windows must be installed on both the machines viz the remote machine and the machine that is physically available to you. For instructions on how to use, you can visit this link.
  3. Ammyy Admin
    This is truly one of the best free software for non-commercial use in the world of remote computing and one o the best TeamViewer alternative. It offers lots of features for people who want lots of capabilities and want to perform various functions. It has voice chat options available built-in. This software takes care of your security needs by providing you with an advanced level of security. It uses efficient and effective ways to encrypt your data so that it is safe. Also, it cuts down your installation time as you only have to download a file which is about 0.5 Mb in size and run it straight away.This is surely a great option for people who do not want to waste much time on configuration and want their job to be done quick and clean. Click here to visit their website and know more.
  4. Ultra VNC Remote Access tool
    This is another great tool that you can use for the purpose of remotely controlling a PC. It is used by computer professionals who want to fix their client’s computer issues from remote locations. It is a very powerful tool for everybody. It has rich compatibility, supports a big variety of operating systems and with this, you can perform lots of tasks. It proves to be an important tool for lots of classes of people. It can be used by students, IT professionals etc. It can solve purposes like a demonstration of projects, presentations, solving errors etc. Overall, it is reliable and with it you can easily transfer files. It also provides chat functionality. For more information, you can visit their website by clicking here.

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