Top 10 Android Browsers for best Internet speed, security and browsing

A good internet browser makes a lot of difference

Internet browsing is a big part of everyone’s life these days. You probably spend a major duration of your day surfing the web. Choosing a good browser for yourself is equally as important as surfing the internet. Since there are a lot of browsers out there to choose from, it can be a cumbersome task to select the one you want the most. This list might help you in finding all your preferences in one single browser. So, browse on this article, to hopefully get a better browsing experience for the future.

10.Lightening browser

Lightning browser

At 10 we have the Lightening browser – This is a browser that takes care about your privacy and security. It comes with a really nice user experience. It is fast, efficient and has a great overall design.

9. Orfox Browser

At 9 we have the Orfox browser – This browser has been designed for privacy purposes, NOT for your regular browsing of Facebook or other social media. It works with Orbot. It uses the same source code as TOR, but with a few changes to make it better for Android. This browser can help you access the TOR network. You can access the Deep Web from the TOR network but it is not recommended to be there, especially for long times.

8. Naked Browser

At 8 we have the Naked browser – This browser is really great, the main reasons being its simplicity and efficiency. Some of its awesome features include restoring from crashes, having unlimited tabs and undoing closed tabs which are definitely some of the features that many people looks for in browsers these days. This browser is definitely a great pick.

7. Firefox Focus

At 7 we have the Firefox focus: The privacy browser – If privacy is one of your top priorities, you should definitely try this one. In this one, you can delete your history, saved passwords or cookies with ease. You can avoid ads in this one and also block trackers. Web pages load really fast and it saves your data. You might love this one if you love privacy and should consider using it.

6. CM Browser

At #6 we have the CM browser – Love downloading videos? This might be the right choice for your browser. It blocks popups, its free, it can download videos, it has a simple UI, it blocks ads and it’s free. This is simply a feature rich browser that one must definitely consider using. It even takes care of your security by having an antivirus engine in it.

5. Firefox Browser

At #5 we have the Firefox browser – Many people love using Firefox on their PCs. If you are one of them there’s good news for you as Firefox is also available for Android. It is a browser fully packed with great features and user experience. It is simple, fast, trustworthy and you can have addons in it. It also allows for TV streaming.

4. Opera 

At #4 we have the Opera browser – This is definitely a good choice for media lovers. It even has a night mode to protect your eyes while watching movies during the dark. It allows for private browsing. It is a great choice for watching videos online, or saving them. It also gives you news updates in your phone, so it’s definitely a choice worth considering.

3. Dolphin

At #3 we have the Dolphin browser – This browser has some really amazing features like browsing through gestures and voice search. It even has an adblock. This browser is too good for being a free one. It also has flash player in it. This is definitely one of the top choices among browsers for its award winning features.

2. UC Browser

At #2 we have the UC browser – Are you a fan of downloading? If yes, then choose this browser. This browser gives fast speeds on downloads, it has got an inbuilt download manager and it has a simple user interface (UI). You can have addons on this browser. If you’re running low on your internet data, then this browser has some good news for you as it even saves your data. For instant access it has shortcuts to a few popular websites on its home page.

1. Google Chrome

At #1 we have the Google Chrome browser – This is one of the most used browsers in the world. This is the one browser that you can trust the most. It has one of the best user interfaces out there, and gives a pretty neat user experience. It is fast, reliable, and simple. You can open an unlimited number of tabs in this browser. If you’re not a big fan of typing then you can also do a Google voice search through this browser. You cannot have addons on this one though. The browser includes incognito tabs for private browsing. This browser comes pre-installed in a lot of Android devices, probably because it’s one of the best choices for a large variety of persons.

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