Top 10 free photo editing apps for android device

The photography game is changing in today’s world with better technology every day. A number of great smartphones come equipped with cameras capable to click photos thanks look professional. But there still are times when you are not able to get the perfect shot in your mind. This is where photo editing tool comes in. Here is a list of top 10 free photo editors for your Android device to step up your insta game.

Many of these apps are absolutely free while some contain in-app purchases for upgrading. Also, the list is in random order but I’ll tell you the app I prefer the most at the end of the post. So, without any further adieu, let’s get started

Adobe Photoshop Express

After making its name in desktop photo editing tools, the company launched a mobile version of the famous Photoshop for Android smartphones. Though not as powerful as the full-fledged software on the desktop, the app is remarkable at its job. The minimal design of the app complements the functionality it provides. The app comes with all basic adjustment tools like brightness, contrast, crop, perspective, and flip options. It offers you a wide variety of one-touch filters to instantly enhance your photos. Some advanced features are also offered like noise reduction feature and Image Rendering Engine to handle large files.

Being a huge company, Adobe was able to make the app free to download and completely ad-free. This alone is a huge preference to some people because come on, who likes to waste those focused precious seconds in useless ads?

   Adobe Photoshop Express


This photo editing app had to make its name to this list without any doubts. Snapseed, offered by Google, is one of the best mobile photo editors to help you bring that oomph in your style. With the ability to handle RAW format images and easy to use interface, the app can speed up and better your editing process, both at the same time. This application has a lot to offer. Be it face correction, perspective, overlaying images(double exposure), or moody one touch edits, it has everything in its bag. Also read Top 5 Android Keyboard Apps In 2019

Again, being offered by the software giant, the app is completely free and ad-free. Along with these perks, it also offers tutorials in the app for different styles of photography and editing techniques.


Pixlr Express

This is the perfect photo editor that a person might need. The thing that this editor does the best is the one-touch filters. It comes with a wide variety of one-touch filters. You can still do your basic editing if that is something you are wanting to but the funky filters that come with it are a must try for changing and mixing up your photography style.

Above all, it has the feature to stylize the photos with doodle, stickers, and text. After indulging in all the fun editing process, you can directly share the edited shot on to social media from the app. Also read Top 9 App Lockers for Android devices (2018)

  Pixlr Express

B612-Beauty & Filter Camera

With over 100 million+ downloads and over 5 million reviews on the app store, this one is a no-brainer for this list. You might be already aware of this app. This is not only an editor but also has a camera to offer that has live filters view available. It has a large pool of over 1500 stickers, drawing effects, real-time beauty effects, ARstickers, Boomerang videos and the ability to create a collage. This can be an all in one app for your mobile device. Also read Top 10 free photo editing apps for android device

Though the editing process in this app reduces the quality of image quite marginally, if you are looking for a quick image fixing app to share your stunning photos on the social media, this app would be the perfect one for you. Face sensing on this app is quite remarkable.

  B612 Beauty and Filter Camera

Adobe Lightroom

This is another app from adobe making it to this list. This app is the best if you are into professional photo editing. This app gives you a unique feature to control the tones of your image selectively and also adjust the hue & saturation of individual colors. If you are unfamilier with what this is, this is the technique used by professionals to create that cinematic teal and orange look in photos and videos.

Another great feature with this app is that you can sync your work with your pc if you have Adobe Lightroom CC classic on your pc. This sync is done seamlessly using the Adobe cloud service. You can always come back to your pc to continue your editing process whenever you need to.

   Adobe Lightroom CC

YouCam Perfect

Famous for its beautifying features, this app is heaven for the selfy lovers. It offers a load of stickers, beautify adjustments, face filters, and a live effect camera. There is a huge collection of one-tap filters available which you can use on photos that you have already clicked as well. You can also play around with your facial features like your face height, width, smile length etc if that is something you are really into.

I would surely refer this app to a selfy lover, you’ll not be disappointed. Definitely go give this one a try! Also read Top 10 games like PUBG (Player Unknown’s Battleground)

   YouCam Perfect


This is like a multipurpose app for editing photos. You can edit your photos with tools that are simple to use yet powerful in their function. It has an easy to use interface with a futuristic blue neon look. It also comes with a camera that supports live filters as you click a photo.

The app is free to download from the Android Play Store but offers some in-app purchases that you can buy if you wish to.



This is an easy to use image editor. It has some user-friendly retouching tools and produces quite amazing results. This is also a free app but has some in-app purchases to offer. It also comes with a live filter effect camera.

It has an interactive interface and tools such as blemish and pimple remover, teeth and eye whitener, body slimmer, and artistic retouching features, natural and radiant filters. Sharing your photos after editing to your desired social media is then just one tap away from within the app.



Here is another app that does more than just editing photos. Not only you can edit your photos and apply amazing cinematic filters on your photos using this app, but you can also upload and sell your images from here. Yes, this is also a platform for selling your stunning shots under different licenses. The filters that they offer are pretty good quality.

If you are new and don’t know much about editing, you can use this app to achieve that film look. This is a totally free app and you can link your PayPal account to receive your earnings. Also read Top 10 Lightweight Android Browser For Improving Battery Life


PicsArt Photo Studio

The editors’ choice, 500 million plus downloads and over 8 million plus reviews, this app is another good one. This is the last one on the list but definitely not the least, this app has a lot to offer just like the other apps on this list. You have all the options to do basic adjustments, add stickers, scribble, one-touch edits and collages. Definitely a good try.

   PicsArt Photo Studio

Which one should you choose?

If you are solely here for the purpose of clicking selfies, then you should definitely try B612 or YouCam perfect. But if you are into professional editing you should check out the apps from Google and Adobe. I personally use Adobe Lightroom and Snapseed in conjunction. Lightroom does the tonal editing better for me and Snapseed for perspective correction if there is any.

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