Top 10 websites to Download free ebooks and read online (2018)

Paper books v/s pdf ebooks online

Be it a child, or an adult, everyone loves reading. It is an activity that is done by people of all age groups. But often, you might have to visit the library to read a new book, which becomes a hectic task. This is where ebooks can really help you. By reading online you can save money as well as time. There are plenty of sites available online that allow you to legally download as well as read online ebooks and download free pdf ebooks.

Therefore, it is important to know which websites to visit whenever you want to read a new novel, or read something for entertainment, or for improving your vocabulary. We present you a list of top 10 websites to download free ebooks and read online legally.

Top 10 websites for free ebook download (pdf) and read entire books.

  1. Open Library
    open libraryThis is probably the largest online library you will find online. It has a huge collection of books ranging from art, fantasy, science to romance and even recipes. The site has a good looking interface and you will find it very convenient to search for your favorite books here. Do give this site a visit if you’re an avid reader.Website link :
  2. Loyal Booksloyal booksThis site is just like its name suggests. It’s loyal to your needs. Be it any book, chances are that you’ll find it here. From adventure related books to poetry. You’ll fall in love with this site once you start exploring it. The site loads very fast and easy easy to browse through. So go ahead and make yourself fall in the ocean of books.Website link :
  3. PDF Books WorldPDF Books WorldThis is another great website for finding your favorite books online. It’s got an appropriate title too by the way. It is a whole new world for someone who takes keen interest in reading. This website will remove all the hindrances between you and your love of reading. It has various interesting books based on a variety of topics. You’re definitely going to love this one.Website link :
  4. Project Gutenbergproject gutenbergThis is one of the most popular websites among ebook lovers. It has a collection of more than 57000 free ebooks. Also, you get your books in various formats. The website has a donate button which you can use to support the website. Also, it has many interesting categories of books. You can discover a lot on this website once you begin exploring. Happy ebook reading with this one!Website link :
  5. Many Booksmany booksThis is another huge collection of ebooks. Also, a big amount of book lovers use this website. This site is very easy to navigate. You will find an attractive interface on this website too. There are over 33000 free ebooks to choose from on this website. We hope you’ll have a great experience on this one.Website link :
  6. Hathi Trusthathi trustThis website is another great reason for you to read ebooks. It brings your favorite books to your phone’s screen with just a few taps. You will love it’s interface and also love the ebooks it has. Search for your favorite books in the search bar provided and chances are you will find it. Also, you can discover other amazing books while browsing through the ebook collections on this website.Website link :
  7. Smash Wordssmash wordsSmashwords is where you can publish as well as read books. It has free sign up options. The website has paid as well as free ebooks. It even includes an option with the help of which you can toggle adult content on the website. The site has great sorting options which can help you find exactly what you want.Website link :
  8. Bookboonbook boonThis website’s a boon for your reading. You can view the most popular ebooks on the home page. This way you can discover some amazing books and have new favorite authors. It has a nice variety of categories and a huge collection of ebooks.Website link :
  9. Mobileread Forumsmobile readJust as the name suggests, this is the place to go to when you want to read an ebook on your mobile device. The website has search option, login option and a tab for the popular posts of the day. You can even view the week’s hot topics on this website.Website link :
  10. free-ebooksfree-ebooksThis site includes a huge amount of categories like drama, erotica, fiction, history, classics etc. The site will never keep you bored with its massive collection of books. You will probably fall in love with the website. It is totally worth a try. You can type in the name of the book’s title or author to find it. Happy reading!Website link :

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