Top 5 games like Mini Militia

Reason behind Mini Militia’s popularity

Mini Militia rocked the world after its release in 2015 (for Android). The game is on every school or college goer’s mobile. It is such a huge time killer that one can pass hours playing it. The reasons for its massive success are probably its great graphics, game play, sounds and multiplayer ability.

Mini Militia currently has about 10-50 million downloads on Google Play. The game is really popular. The game has so much hype about it. Someone who is new to the gaming world might want to try out other awesome games like this. Hence we present you with this amazing list of the top 5 games like Mini Militia, along with their download links. You should definitely try them out if you love playing Mini Militia.

Top 5 games like Mini Militia –

  1. PUBG (PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds)Screenshot ImageThis game is picking up in popularity. It is a multiplayer game with great graphics. It requires a good gaming performance in your phone. The game is pretty awesome
    because of its multiplayer game play and graphics.In this game you are dropped into an island and your mission is to survive. The game is a first person shooter game. In terms of entertainment it resembles mini militia. You can spend hours playing this game without getting tired. After the game finishes your rank is displayed on the screen among 100 other players.

    The game has awesome background music, graphics and game play. The game has more than 50 million downloads on Google Play.


  2. Shadow Fight 2Screenshot ImageThis is an ‘editor’s choice’ game on Google Play with absolutely stunning game play and amazing graphics. It is yet another big time killer app. You can pass hours without even noticing.The game gives you a great feeling of victory. In this game you get into combats and use your skills to destroy the enemy. The game allows you to personalize your character to good extents. You can use a variety of weapons in this game to fight.


  3. Blitz BrigadeScreenshot ImageThis game is a first person shooter online game which will turn you into an immediate fan. If you love having great graphics in your game, this game is for you. It has lovely colors. The game includes great game play as well.The game provides you with hours of fun and improves your mental skills as well.


  4. BombSquad
    Screenshot Image
    As the name suggests, this game is pretty much about explosions and all. What you have to do in this game is ‘capture the flag’ in this game and blow your friends up. You can involve your friends into this game as it is a multiplayer game with amazing game play. Just like mini militia, this is a game which provides full entertainment when played with friends.The game has awesome game-play, graphics and you will enjoy the physics of the game.


    Screenshot Image
    This is another thrilling and adventurous game that will kill your time very easily. The best thing about this game is that it involves a story with it. It is not about randomly killing but gives you the experience of the story behind it. The game is a perfect mixture of futuristic weapons, villains and heroes.The game provides you with 600 different weapons. Also, you can gather 1000 armor pieces and use them to build your own armor sets. Also, you are rewarded for how you play the game. This is a great game in every aspect.

    The game has different multiplayer game modes in which you can even play in the PvP mode. Overall, this game is an all in one package that is worth an install.


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