Top 5 “iOS 11” Hidden Features from Apple

iOS 11

There are a huge number of people who enjoy Apple devices. Using an Apple device has a great feeling to it. With the launch of iOS 11 people became more than delighted with the new features and the feel of it. But there are a few hidden features described in this article that most people are unaware of. Here are the top 5 hidden features of iOS 11 that Apple users must be aware of.

The following features should work on your device if you have iOS 11 on your Apple device, meaning thereby that if your device came after the year 2013, you’re good to go.

Top 5 iOS 11 hidden features that you probably didn’t know exist –

  1. Stop the Notifications from disappearing before you can read them-

    Are you a slow reader? Many times we are not able to read the notifications fully. With this feature you will be able to pause the notification on the top of your Apple device right there until you swipe it away. This way it won’t disappear before you read it. This feature can come in handy for most people who read slow, and thus miss reading the full notifications. This also feels annoying some times. In order to use this feature follow the given steps below -1.Go to Settings
    2. Go to notifications
    3. Go to app whose notifications you want to stay
    4. Go to Persistent and turn it on. You’re good to go.
  2. Talk to Siri by typing in- 

    Tired of talking to Siri? Instead you want to text with Siri? If your answer is yes to both of these questions this feature is definitely for you as it allows you to type all your questions to Siri instead of speaking them out loud. This feature of iOS 11 can help thousands if not millions of people.Also, take caution that once you switch on this feature, you will not be able to talk with Siri while this feature is on. You will have to switch it off to be able to talk to Siri. To use this feature, follow the following instructions1. Go to Settings
    2. Go to General and then Accessibility
    3. Go to Siri
    4. Switch on the ‘type to Siri’ option and you’re good to go.

  3. Store a web page into PDF format-

    Ever visited a web page that you really like? Sometimes we want to store a web page we like in PDF format to be able to review it or show it to our friends. It is always very convenient for someone to access information through a PDF. They are easy to handle and use. So, if you also want to be able to store your web pages into a PDF file, follow the following instructions and you will be good to go -1. Open Safari web browser.
    2. Open the page you want to convert into PDF.
    3. Press the share icon in the middle of the bottom tab.
    4. Scroll to the right and you’ll find an option called ‘create PDF’. Press that option.
  4. Hide photos and videos in your iPhone- 

    We’re sure there must have been moments in your life where you’ve wanted to hide some photos. We all usually take some photos that we do not want others to come across. These can be photos of our private lives. Well good news is here as iOS 11 allows you to put them in a hidden folder. Be it any photo or video, now you can hide them easily. To do that, follow the given steps below -1. Open the image by tapping on it.
    2. In the bottom most tab on your iPhone, there’s a scroller. Scroll it to the right to find a hide icon.
    3. After you click on this hide icon, an option will appear which will prompt you hide the photo.
    4. Tap it, and your photo will be shifted to the hidden folder.
    5. To view this photo again, go to albums>hidden> and you can see the hidden pics right there. Pretty cool right? No need to install any third party application for such tasks.

  5. How to set password on any note you created-

    Just as you can do with photos and videos, you can even take care of your private notes. Yes, you can even put passwords on your notes in the iOS 11. This is a great feature for people who like saving personal stuff as notes. Follow the steps below1. Go to notes.
    Slide the note to the left you want to set a password to.
    3. press the lock icon. It looks like a lock.
    4. Now you’ll see options like set password and use touch id.


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