top 5 Play Store Alternative Free And Paid Apps

The android play store is a huge pool of apps. You can get all kinds of paid and free applications according to your need. Sometimes you want or need some apps too much but you find them paid or too expensive. So, for all of your free/paid needs, I have sorted 5 apps which provide paid apps for free without any survey or any ads. Check out the list of top 5 Play Store Alternative Free And Paid Apps.


It is well known as “The King of The Android Market” because you can download almost every single app from here. Not only you can get apps for free applications in play store but you can get literally any app as apk for your phone. This is one of the oldest stores for all android users need.

1Mobile Market

This is another great app to get the apk for the application you want. Again, you can get all sorts of apps here, be it free or premium. If you search this app in the play store, you’ll get a return to your query. But if you get this app from the play store, it will redirect you to the original play store whenever you try to download a premium app. You can go ahead and download the apk file for 1Mobile and get your hands on your favorite apps right away.

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Mobogenie Market

Mobogenie is yet another alternative for your default Android Play Store. A lite version of this app was also available on the play store, just like the 1Mobile app, but recently it was removed. You can still download the app from its official site.

Get Apk

This is yet another brilliant way to get your apps. This one has one feature in particular, that none others possess here, that you can get the older versions of the app if you want. You don’t have to download the latest version and downgrade to previous versions if you liked it better for some reason.

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This is not only an app available on play store but also a site. Apart from getting your apks, you can also get books, videos, movies etc here. Since it offers you everything from music to apks to music, this can be your one stop solution for your android needs. The only catch though is that you have to create an account. Once done creating an account, which is totally free by the way, you get everything for free. The sign up is free as well.

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