Top 7 Android Emulator software for your PC

What’s an Android Emulator?

An Android Emulator is a software that allows you to use Android OS inside a PC that runs another OS. For example, if you have a Windows or a Mac computer and you want to run Android applications in it you will use an  Android Emulator.

Android Emulators solve many problems in today’s world for app developers as well as app users. Some people who are not very comfortable with small devices can use Android Emulators in their PCs to play games or use other applications. Developers on the other hand can test their applications on the go using Android emulators. They don’t have to export the app every time they make a change in their apps.

Also, with an Android emulator you can use different versions of Android easily and choose the best one for you. It might require for you to download them though. Since Android emulators are really important in today’s world we present you with this list of top 7 Android emulators that you can install in your PCs.

Top 7 Android Emulators

  1. Bliss
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    Bliss is a free Android Emulator by XDA-developers. It works with the help of a virtual machine or a USB drive. Bliss is a really cool OS which is easy to install and use as well. The OS runs android Oreo which is one of the latest versions of Android. Also you can easily sync your applications across the various platforms you install Bliss in.

    Bliss website :

  2. Droid4X
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    This is another great Android Emulator which has over 2m downloads. It is built especially for people who are big fans of mobile games. This emulator is perfect for you for the purpose of gaming.Suppose you are a youtuber who wants to showcase his gaming abilities to the rest of the world. With the help of this emulator you can record your games in high quality. And then you can upload those to Youtube. One thing that you should keep in mind is that you may get a watermark on the recording that you create.

    Droid4X website :

  3. Android Studio’s emulator
    Android Studio is the number one software that is used to develop Android applications. It also has an Android emulator that the developers use to test their applications. Using Android Studio’s emulator you can use any version of Android and also get the experience of various devices (Google Pixel, for example.)The emulator is fast, and you get the feeling of using a regular phone while using it. You can perform nearly all tasks on it that you do on your phone like downloading and playing games via google play store. Moreover, you can easily control how much processing and RAM you want to allocate to the emulator.

    Android Studio’s website : 

  4. Genymotion
    With this awesome emulator you can get the experience of using about 3000 smartphones. It is like a dream come true for developers as well as common people. The software is mainly for developers but other users can take benefit of its Android emulators as well.

    Genymotion website :

  5. Andy
    This is one of the most recommended and the best Android emulators for novice users. It has a simple GUI and has great functionality. You can easily sync your apps using it. It can be run on Windows as well as Mac.With this you can play your favorite Android games in the latest versions of Android. It is good for gamers as well. It provides great connectivity between your PC and mobile such that you can play the game on PC while using the hardware of your mobile such a gyroscope and accelerometer.

    Andy website :

  6. NoxPlayer
    Image result for noxplayerNoxPlayer is another good option for an Android emulator. You can perform all your tasks using it as well as play games at high graphics. The software has a good looking UI and provides great performance.Your favorite games will run smoothly and fast on this, even at 60fps. So, for a good gaming experience you should try this one out.

    NoxPlayer website :

  7. Bluestacks
    Image result for bluestacksBluestacks is one of the most popular Android emulators out there. It is great in regards of UI, simplicity and performance. This is the recommended emulator for all sorts of users as it provides great functionality.The best part about it is that it is easy to use and you can play almost any app on it. You can visit their website for further knowledge about this emulator.

    Bluestacks website :

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