Top 7 Professional Video Editing Software for Windows & Mac (2018)

Top 7 Professional Video Editing Software for Windows and Mac

  1. Shotcut Video Editor – Interface wise and feature wise, this is a great video editor. It is easy to use but a powerful software available for Linux, Windows and Mac. The interface is very simple to understand and supports a huge variety of formats. You can easily import/export videos into the editor and it eats less CPU power. You’ll find it easy to perform all general tasks involved in video editing with this software. To know more about Shotcut video editor, check out their website by clicking here.
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  2. Adobe Premiere Pro – This is another masterpiece of a software by Adobe. It is used by a lot of professional video editors. The product always keeps improving and it has been around since long. There are awesome effects, transitions, masking, trimming, mixing, good workflow and other stuff in it. The software is made to provide you ease of video editing and maintain a better workflow when compared to other software. It is packed with tons of tools and features. This is a bit advanced than the other software, so you might want to watch a few tutorials for this. Even then, there’s no guarantee whether you will be able to use it to the full extent of its capability. If you’re serious about video making, we definitely recommend you to try out this one. To know more about Adobe Premiere Pro, please visit their website by clicking here.
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  3. Sony Vegas Pro – This video editor is used by about 50% of the Youtubers. We recommend this to you if you want to edit your videos in less time. It has really awesome transitions and FX that you can use in your videos. To do more, you can install plugins that work really well with Vegas Pro. Plugins can really put life into your work. Another great thing about Sony Vegas Pro is that it is less in size. This software has really good audio editing options as well. You can do things such as changing the pitch of the audio, adding effects and much more. Sony Vegas Pro has got options for smooth automation as well if you want to put them in your videos. This is a good software overall. It is a bit expensive though. To know more about Sony Vegas Pro, we recommend that you check out their website by clicking here.
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  4. Lightworks – Lightworks comes with a 7-day trial and a Pro version. So, you can try it out first and if you really like it you can buy its license for Pro use. The software has been used in the making of some really popular movies like ‘The Wolf of Wall Street’ and many more. The software offers some really great real-time audio and video FX. It supports a huge variety of formats. You can also work with 2K and 4K video formats in Lightworks. To begin on the road of professional video editing, you should definitely check this one out. To know more about Lightworks, visit their website by clicking here.
  5. Blender – For those of us who have a little knowledge already in the field of video editing, we might say that blender is for 3D rendering. But might we add to your knowledge that it can be used as an awesome video editing tool too. Blender supports a vast variety of media formats and can be used for cutting, pasting, putting effects, masking, mixing and lots of other stuff related to video editing. Moreover, you can even work with 3D projects. Hence, if you’re a fan of creating VFX or making 2D or 3D animations, Blender will always come in useful. What’s the best part? Well, if you didn’t know it already, Blender is absolutely free of cost and open source as well. Also, Blender has a huge bunch of learning material on their website. So, you can get hours of training too to get better at every aspect of video editing and creation. Pretty cool, right? To know more about Blender, visit their website by clicking here.
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  6. DaVinci Resolve 15 – This is an equally good video editing software as the others mentioned above. What matters is the looks, interface, different tools and all. This one is pretty unique in terms of tools as it has some features packed in it like pro audio and the ability to perform multicam editing. It has got a free and a paid version as well. It is an extremely powerful software for video editing and great for working with audio as well. It has a nice looking user interface and is easy to operate. You will not find it much difficult to find and use the different controls in this software. You will also find tons of tutorials of the software on Youtube. To know more about it, visit their website by clicking here.
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  7. Adobe Premiere Elements – This software is recommended for a bit experienced video editors and for a bit more advanced stuff. It provides awesome features like changing video background, advanced rendering options, handling videos with a huge variety of file formats, video trimming and many more. It can even handle 3D videos. This software is great for making school projects or if you have a friend’s party coming up and you want to make an after-party video or in case you want to make a wedding video for your elder sister. The software is good to get better at video editing. It will act as a guide itself while you’re editing videos. One negative aspect of the software you might find is that it eats some RAM so you might want to check out the specifications of your computer before using this one. It costs about $80. To know more about the software, you can visit their website by clicking here.
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