10 Best Travel Apps For Android Users

The Internet has truly made the world a Global Village. With the advent of smartphones, traveling has become easier, safer and more comfortable. Any information like the amount of traffic on the road or the weather conditions of a place or the places worth visiting is easily available with the blink of an eye.
Today we are listing the best Android travel apps, which could help you enjoy your vacation even more. These travel apps will help you plan your trip, make the best possible itinerary and even allow you book your trains, planes, and hotels sitting at home. Besides, these apps can help you communicate with foreigners and make you more at home in a new place.


Our first name on the list of best Android travel app is none other than TripAdvisor. With over a 100 million downloads, this app helps you find the lowest fare for planes or the best hotels or restaurants according to your budget. The app allows you to check numerous reviews and opinions before you make your choice. There are photos and videos posted by other travelers which allow you to take a true and unbiased decision. The options of exploring restaurants and hotels are numerous, also you can opt for the options near you and this will show you all the restaurants and hotels in the vicinity.

Google Trips

Next in our list of the best android travel apps comes Google Trips. Google Trips is an all-rounder when it comes to planning trips. By collecting your travel reservations from your Gmail account, it automatically creates schedule for you. Details like flight reservations, hotel booking and even cab booking are taken care of by the app. Google Trips has always been the best in recommending you about the notable places in your vicinity which you can visit depending on your schedule. The main reason why Google Trips is one of the best android travel app is, you can also use it offline by saving the details of the trips and accessing them in offline mode.


No one can deny Airbnb the third place in our list of the best android travel apps. If you are really looking forward to make your trips memorable, then Airbnb is for you. This app is special because it allows people to search for unique and one of a kind accommodations around the world. With the amusing extensity of covering more than 4 million vacation home rentals across 200 countries, Airbnb gives you the most wide-spread options to choose from. Not only solo travels, this app will also help you plan your business travels and your family vacations. Moreover, this app allows you to directly interact with the manager of the vacation house and get your queries answered. A lot of user claims airbnb to be one of the best android travel app.


This app had moved the market when it was launched. Fourth on our list of best android travel app, Skyscanner has won many notable awards and recognitions. This app provides you with the best airfare on flights to anywhere on the planet. Not only international flights, domestic flights are also covered by this incredible app. You can book your flights directly from the app and also search for cheap car rentals and hotels. This app also has the price notification feature where you can get notified about the price hikes and the discounts. Available globally in 30 different languages, Skyscanner is surely a great Android travel app.

Google maps

When you are thinking of travel apps, one cannot leave out Google maps. Equipped with the information and maps of more than 200 countries Google maps has made its place in the list of best android travel apps. With the ready data of public transports in more than 15000 cities, this app allows you to choose the shortest possible route to your destination. Also the map is available offline. One can also get reviews, rating and pictures of places with the contact number and email id.
Google maps is free for all users and is without doubt one of the best android travel app.


Kayak is your virtual travel guide and has won a couple of awards since its release. Starting from planning to booking and travelling, kayak is like your travel partner. Kayak is one of the best android travel app because not only does it fetch you the best deals on flights, hotels and car rentals, this app also help you find your way around the airport, search for the food court or the restroom easily. It also has the itinerary and the airport map accessible even when you are offline. On top of all these perks, kayak includes price change notifications, a flight tracker and you can also share your plans with friends and family over this app.


Tripit is an important android travel app when it comes to making your itinerary according to your booking details collected from your email. It organizes the data and plans a perfect tour for you. If your confirmation emails are forwarded to Tripit, your travel plan will be constructed instantly. It builds an organized itinerary for flight boarding times and check-ins at hotels. This app will tell you your destination and you’re your time according to your schedule. You can also share your plans with any of your contacts.

Google translate

This app is the best language translator available in the market. Not only words but also phrases and texts can be translated from one language to another at a touch of a finger. This app supports more than 60 different languages and is an important android travel app. With the new feature of allowing text to be translated from pictures captured by the phone camera, this app has reached a new level of importance. Besides, one can download the package of the required language and use this app offline. It is a must have android travel app when it comes to visiting countries with a foreign tongue.


This app is important in our list of best android travel apps. This app tells you what to pack and what is not required according to your destinations and your length of travel. It also checks the weather conditions of the destinations, the amount of congestions on the roads and gives you valuable advice on what to carry with you and what is easily available on the way. Once you have constructed your packing list, PackPoint saves it and lets you share it with your friends. This app can be linked with TripIt and is a must have for frequent traveler and travel dummies.


Uber is an interesting ride-sharing app that is available in a score of countries and more than 500 cities. It provides safe and reliable rides that are economic and most importantly, they are availbale day and night. The app is user-friendly and uses your locations via GPS to pick you up and also to drop you at your destination. You can also see the arrival of your ride and any of your contact can track you via the app. The app allows you to rate the driver and give feedbacks regarding the ride. Many other apps have the same features like that of uber and is available in many countries.

With this we come to the end of the list of our 10 best Android Travel apps. We believe that this will be helpful and you will surely have a happy and joyous vacation. As a word of reminder, always remember to carry your ID proof and your mobile phone whenever and wherever you travel. Bon Voyage!

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