Top 10 Best Youtube Alternative Sites To Watch Videos

The first name that comes to our mind when we think of streaming videos online is Youtube. Youtube is without hesitation the most dominant name in the field of online streaming. With a hosting capacity of billions of videos, Youtube also allows you to upload, like and comment on them. The new feature of downloading the videos offline has taken Youtube to a whole new level. Videos are added in large numbers on a daily basis and its widespread fan-base is always on the rise. However, Youtube has recently changed a number of its policies and the guidelines are changing without any notification beforehand. The complaints are increasing daily owing to the new payment policy for Youtube. Therefore, we were on the search to find youtube alternative sites that could serve us the
requirement of Youtube. We did come across some very popular streaming website and today we are going to list them for you. So we have compiled 10 best alternatives to youtube. These websites have apps of their own just like Youtube and are downloadable from Google Play Store.The first Youtube alternative that is already widely popular in the market is Dailymotion.


Just like Youtube, Dailymotion is a popular video sharing website and has an interface almost as same as Youtube. Here the trending videos are easily available on the homepage and of course, the user can explore more with the help of the categories section and the search bar at the top. Developers of contents can upload videos of size upto 4 GB and upto 60 mins in length with a resolution as high as 1080p. The site has a strength of more than 120 million visitors per month. This site serves as an ultimate Youtube alternative and is an excellent platform to share our ideas with the world. Just like Youtube, Dailymotion too has its own set of terms and conditions. However, those are not as strict as those of Youtube. There is more malleability and it is more lenient for content
developers. Similar to Youtube in many ways, the site provides provision for monetizing your video as well through ads or paywall. So it is very evident that some videos will contain ads while some will be absolutely free of ads.
If we have to list the advantages of using Dailymotion as a Youtube alternative, we can simply say Dailymotion has high quality content with an interface very similar to that of Youtube. Moreover, Dailymotion has a lot of slack in their terms and conditions.

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This site has got a lot of history attached to it. Metacafe came into existence in the year 2003, even before Youtube went live. The specialty of this website is short videos of 90 seconds which are quick, interesting and comic. This site has been able to reach a lot of followers because of the non-monotonous outlook and the amount of entertainment that it provides to its subscribers. This site has a very simple interface and has precisely categorized sections that help in easier exploration. With a fan base of more than 40 million viewers, this platform is constantly on the growth. However, if someone is searching for professional contents, then this platform would not be the right choice.
This site mainly caters to short humorous clips that are light-hearted and sometimes without any sense.


Next on our list of Youtube alternatives is Vimeo. This is a site meant for professional content developers. This platform mainly caters to professional fields like music, dance, photography, cooking, architecture or such creative art forms.
Therefore this is not a place for baby videos or pet collectives. However, if you wish to get new and innovative ideas, Vimeo is the place. This platform comes with extremely non-flexible guidelines for uploading content as it does a thorough quality check of what you are uploading. Here on this website, you can enjoy 4K Ultra HD visual with HDR. Moreover, and most importantly, Vimeo is ad-free. It is supported by donations made by the subscribers and viewers and has a paywall for some videos. However, Vimeo does come with certain problems. A weekly upload limit of 500 MB, which is actually quite low is a huge setback for a lot of content creators. However, on paying a certain amount of money, you can upgrade to 5 GB.



Dtube is one of the best alternatives to youtube. It is thoroughly based on the Blockchain technology. This website is decentralized and is an absolutely great alternative to Youtube. This Youtube alternative lets you explore hot, trending and watched videos on the webpage. You can also save videos to watch it later and also check out the most viewed contents using the trending tags.
dTube is ad free which is a huge advantage and it utilizes the Steem blockchain as a way of
maintaining records and users do not have to make any advance deposit or pay any type of
transaction fees. Moreover, and very interestingly, uploading a video on DTube pays you with Steem cryptocurrency for seven days. Moreover, leaving comments on videos also give you a chance to earn money.


Just like youtube, Veoh is also a good option of an alternative. This website helps you easily
discover, personalize and watch videos with a customized viewing experience. If watching long
videos is your liking, then Veoh is an excellent option as this platform allows developers to
upload videos of any length. One can easily find several movies, TV series and animations
programs on this website.
This website has a very organized user interface and several networking features that allow users to create contacts and direct message. Thus, Veoh really makes and excellent Youtube alternative.

9Gag TV

9Gag TV is an excellent Youtube alternative. This video sharing website is a box full of
entertainment. This channel has already found a huge fan base on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram users and this channel offer an unlimited supply of entertainment through GIFs, images, and memes. With a vast library of funny videos, movie and game trailers and very addictive content, users can explore 9Gag TV. They have interesting and thought-provoking sections like WOW and WTF which have entertaining content hosted and ready to stream.

The Open Video Project

Launched in 1998. The Open Video Project is a digital library of videos. With over 195 video
segments, this library has vast collections of documentaries, education, and history related
The search can be filtered by setting time durations, sound, and formats. It will be evident that a significant portion of the archive has been contributed by U.S. government agencies.
The Open Video Project is absolutely an excellent Youtube alternative and a great platform for finding educational videos.

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Internet archive’s video section

You can easily guess from the name, the name says it all. This platform has everything, ranging from documentaries to animes and the variety is sure to leave you at awe. Internet archive’s video section is therefore a sought after Youtube alternative. Here the contents can be sorted by setting the filters like year, language, topic, subjects, etc. Exploring can make you come across gems. You can find videos that are on no other videos hosting website. Anyone can upload content for free on this website.


If you are looking for best quality music videos of top rated singers, then Vevo is your first
choice. Global renowned artists like Drake and Chainsmokers are available on this website. It has an unlimited supply of music videos that are like a heaven to music lovers. However, except music, there is no other video content. You can browse for the latest sounds or explore the music of acclaimed artists.

Facebook’s Search Option

Facebooks search bar is an amazing Youtube alternative. Simply search for the video you want in the search bar by filtering your searches to videos. You will have the awesome collection of all types of myriad videos, enough to keep you entertained for an hour or two.
Most of us are aware of the ways of uploading videos on facebook. Be it unpacking, tutorial or reviews, Facebook is always an important Youtube alternative.

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